Friday, March 25

Hasegawa’s new items for June 2016 – What already?

Even we left out the “new” re-releases of the limited items Hasegawa sure still have a lot to come this June. Take a look at their releases in our preview to try to plan your next build in time for their release….

Hasegawa’s new items for June 2016

1/72nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS2198
68 pieces
Length: 6.8 in (173.5 mm)
Width: 9 in (229.5 mm)
Skill: 3
Night fighter versions of the popular De Havilland Mosquito were first produced in 1942. Mk.XIII versions, specifically, were equipped with microwave radar for homing in on enemy aircraft. Once it hunted down an enemy, the Mosquito used a combination of speed and four 20mm cannons to bring down bombers and fighters alike. For long hauls over Fortress Europe, the balsa-built Mosquitos could carry external drop tanks. Kit features new resin radome and gun camera parts plus external drop tanks and full decals for two versions.

Decal Options:
RAF No.29 Sqn RO-T (HK382) Jan., 1945
Canadian A.F. No.410 Sqn RA-N (HK429) Feb., 1944

1/72nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS2201
164 pieces
Length: 19.5 in (495 mm)
Width: 16.6 in (422 mm)
Skill: 3
Celebrate a century of soaring with this awesome P-3C Orion kit! In 1916, naval aviation in Germany consisted both of fixed wing aircraft and their considerably less manoeuvrable but higher-endurance zeppelin companions. P-3C Orions combine the features of each in a way leaders from 100 years ago could scarcely have dreamed. These aircraft have an endurance of 16 hours-still far less than the zeppelins, but their cruise speed of 328 knots and, of course, the incredible sensitivity of their sensors make zeppelins and flimsy 1916 seaplanes look like toys. Kit features new resin parts and two "Graf Zeppelin" decals.

Decal Options:
German Navy MFG3 "GRAF ZEPPELIN" German Naval Aviation 100 Years Anniversary Special Marking Code: 60+01 2013
German Navy MFG3 "GRAF ZEPPELIN" MFG3 50 Years Anniversary Special Marking Code: 60+05 2014

1/72nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS2199
92 pieces
Length: 6.6 in (167 mm)
Width: 8.3 in (212 mm)
Skill: 3
Some planners scoffed at this piston-engine aircraft operating in the jet age. However, it was one of the most successful close support aircraft of the Vietnam War. Its lower flying speed allowed weapons to be delivered with greater precision and its 8,000lb weapons capacity ensured there was plenty to go around. Close support missions are inherently dangerous as the low level, low speed attack makes the aircraft vulnerable to every weapon on the battlefield. Thankfully, the remarkable resilience of the Skyraider pulled most through. Kit features two full decal sets.

Decal Options:
A-1J : USAF 56th SOW 602nd SOS Code: TT029 : SOCK IT TO 'EM (142029) 1969
A-1H : VNAF 23rd TW 518th FS Code: KM : 37609 1966

1/72nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS2202
Pieces: 76 / 76
Length: 9.3 in (237 mm)
Width: 6.4 in (162 mm)
Skill: 3
Active since 1973, Fighter Squadron Composite Twelve (VFC-12) is based at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA. VFC-12 trains pilots from East Coast air wings in the finer points of aerial combat. Until 2012, VFC-12 aircraft were easily distinguished by a unique blue camouflage paint scheme. Today, their F/A-18A+ Hornets sport a signature splinter camouflage similar to select SU-35 Flankers. This limited edition kit combo features two F/A-18A+ Hornet kits with one marking option each.

Decal Options:
US Navy VFC-12, Code: 06 and 2
US Navy VFC-12, Code: 05

1/32nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS8243
131 pieces
Length: 17.1 in (434 mm)
Width: 10 in (254 mm)
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
The F-5E Tiger II continued the tradition of excellence begun by the F-5A Tiger, but replaced the AN/APQ-153 radar with the more advanced AN/APQ-159 system, which improved range and frequency agility. The Taiwan Air Force received its first shipment of 28 F-5E Tiger IIs in May 1975. By the time production ceased in 1987, Taiwan received a total of 308 F-5Es, 23 of which remain in service today. This limited edition kit features one marking option.

Decal Option:
Taiwan AF, 737 TFW (7th Wing), Code: 5281, 5261

1/48th scale
Stock Number: HSGS7433
Pieces: 190
190 pieces
Length: 13.8 in (350 mm)
Width: 14.8 in (375 mm)
Skill: 3
Slim but striking, the Do 215 was initially developed by Dornier for the Swedish Air Force. When war broke out in 1939, the Do 215 was transferred into Luftwaffe service, where it was used as a light bomber and night fighter by Nachtjagdgeschwader 2 (NJG 2), a night fighter-wing. By the war's end, NJG 2 had tallied an estimated 800 aerial victories. This limited edition kit features two marking options.

Decal Options:
Luftwaffe 5./NJG2, Code: R4 + SN
Luftwaffe stab II./NJG 2, Code: R4 + DC, spring 1942

1/72nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS4056
Skill: 3
A full forty years after it was set, the SR-71's 2,193 mph speed record still stands as the single fastest flight for a manned, air-breathing aircraft. In secret Cold War missions over the Soviet Union, the SR-71 evaded pursuit and missiles with intense acceleration. Pressure-suited crews took these miraculous titanium-skinned aircraft to 80,000 feet and cruised at Mach 3.2. They snapped pictures of targets with high-powered cameras and scanned with radar. No hostile action ever brought down an SR-71, but peace and satellites grounded them forever in 1998.

Stock Number: HSGS7434
Pieces: 106
Skill: 3
Massive Rolls-Royce® Avon 300 afterburning engines were capable of delivering 77.3kN of thrust (roughly 17,000 lb of force). This incredible power made the Draken Western Europe's first fully supersonic aircraft. At full throttle, the Draken passed Mach 2. Armament consisted of twin 30mm cannons, rockets, missiles, and bombs. All told, for a sixties era fighter, the Draken was one deadly delta-winged fighter. Kit features two Swedish Air Force decal sets.

Decal Options:
Swedish A.F. (F13) Code: 13-10
Swedish A.F. (F10) Code: 10-24

1/72nd scale
Stock Number: HSGS2200
69 / 69 pieces
Length: 9.1 in (231 mm)
Width: 6.5 in (165 mm)
Skill: 3
The first USAF fighter capable of sustained, level supersonic flight, Super Sabres were in service with the US for twenty-five years. In the skies over Vietnam, they performed combat air patrols and escort missions for bombers. In combat, they could outperform the opposing MiG-17. None were lost to enemy fighters. However, anti-aircraft fire and accidents still reaped a toll of Sabres in Vietnam. Kit combo features two aircraft with two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
USAF 493TFS Code: FW-288 1959
French A.F. EC2/11 Code: 11-ML

1/24th scale
Stock Number: HSGS0274
101 pieces
Length: 6.7 in (171 mm)
Width: 2.6 in (67 mm)
Skill: 3
The Cosmo Sport made its racing debut at the 1968 Marathon de la Route, held at Germany's infamous 84-hour Nürburgring event. Mazda used two Cosmos to promote its revolutionary two-rotor Wankel engine during this endurance test. While one of the Cosmos suffered axle damage in lap 84, another claimed a fourth-place victory. This limited edition kit features two marking options for cars from the 1968 Marathon de la Route held on August 21, 1968.

Decal Options:
Car no. 19, 4th place
Car no. 18

1/48th scale
Stock Number: HSGS7435
Pieces: 185
Skill: 3
The Mitsubishi F-2B may not be the most famous fighter around, but it is certainly one of the most impressive. The F-2 has the distinction of being the first military aircraft equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. Its wing area is also 25 percent larger than other fighters in its class. Currently, there are 61 single-seat F-2As and 21 F-2B two-seat trainers flying worldwide! This limited edition kit features one marking option.

Decal Option:
JASDF ADTW 60th anniversary special marking, Code: 101 (63-8101), Gifu AB, 2015

These kits should be out in June of this year – check out the Hasegawa website for more info on all of their kits.