Tuesday, March 15

In action report – Andy reviews the New Penguin Mk.I decal Sets on his tank...

Recently Andy Moore needed some new decals for his Takom Mk.I tank. A Russian company called New Penguin Decals supplied them, and what better way to review them than to apply them to a kit? Let’s see how the decals went on and what is covered with the three releases he looked at…

In action report – Andy uses the new Penguin Mk.I Decal Sets
Set Numbers – #35005, #35006, #35010
Scale: 1/35th
Price - €6 from New Penguin Decals

Recently New Penguin Decals from Russia kindly supplied us with three new 1/35th scale decal sets intended for use with Takom's newly released British Mk.I Male and Female kits. I hadn't come across the company before, and I was eager to try out the decals on my own Mk.I build, but first a run through of just what each set gives you.
The sets come packaged in cellophane wrappers and each include a detailed A4 printed sheet showing the decal placement along with colour call outs, and any specific information related to the particular scheme in question, including any modifications to the tank.
You also get a colour leaflet, which is common to all three sets showing profiles for some of the included schemes. Paint call outs are for AMMO colours, mainly coming from their WWI British and German set.

Set 35005 Mk.I Male Western Front 1916-1917
This first set covers Male Mk.I's on the Western Front during the period, when the tank made it's combat debut, but goes further than that, including options for factory trials vehicles.

Included options are;
1: Mk.I No. 742 Factory trials (without sponsons), overall stone grey
2: Mk.I No. 743 Factory trials (without sponsons), overall stone grey
3: Mk.I C.19 HMLS CLAN LESLIE, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
4: Mk.I D.20 HMLS DAPHNE, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
5: Mk.I Summer 1916 (without steering tail), overall stone grey
6: Mk.I D.7, Somme 1916, hull in Soloman camo, sponsons in stone grey
7: Mk.I C.15, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
8: Mk.I D.17, Somme 1916, hull in Soloman camo, sponsons in stone grey
9: Mk.I D.12 No.716, Arras 1917, Soloman camo
10: Mk.I Supply Tank B.37 No.712 DODO, Arras 1917, overall khaki brown
11: Mk.I Supply Tank No. 746, Messines 1917, overall khaki brown
There's a very nice range of subjects on this sheet, covering most of the colour schemes that these tanks wore (which wasn't many). Some of the included options will require a little modification to the kit, and in the case of the factory trials vehicles, you'd need to show the interior of the tank.

Period photos of some of the tanks in this release featured on this sheet;

Set 35006 Mk.I Female Western Front 1916-1917
Like the previous set, this one covers tanks on the Western Front, but in this case the machine gun equipped Female version.
Included options are;
1: Mk.I A13 “WE'RE ALL IN IT”, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
2: Mk.I A17 “OH, I SAY”, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
3: Mk.I C.16, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
4: Mk.I C.6 “CORDON ROUGE”, Somme 1916, Soloman camo
5: Mk.I A Company Field Trials, France 1916, Soloman camo
6: Mk.I Supply Tank D.17 “DONNER BLITZEN”, France 1917, overall khaki brown
7: Mk.I D.23 No.528, Rollencourt Tank Park 1917, overall khaki brown
8: Mk.I Wireless Tank No.527, France 1917, overall khaki brown
Period photos of some of the tanks featured on this sheet;

Set 35010 Mk.I Gaza Tanks, Palestine Front 1917
The last set covers the Mk.I's sent to Palestine, and provides the marking for all eight tanks from that front, four Male and four Female.
Included options are;
1: Mk.I HMLS WAR BABY (Female)
2: Mk.I HMLS TIGER (Female)
3: Mk.I HMLS OTAZEL (Male)
6: Mk.I HMLS NUTTY (Female)
7: Mk.I HMLS KIA ORA (Female)

All in overall khaki brown
Period photos of some of the tanks featured on this sheet;

In Use
I was able to test these decals out on my build of the Takom Mk.I and found them, for the most part, to be very good. In one instance I encountered some fogging from the decal's adhesive, and in general the decals did need to soak longer than average before they detached from the backing sheet. The one decal that experienced the fogging did improve with a clear coat over the decal, and the others went down without incident. The bulk of these decals are white, and I found the colour density to be very good, with no underlying colour showing through.
After-market AFV decals aren't exactly commonplace when compared to what's available for the aircraft market, so it's great to see a new company releasing sets like these, and they're very timely with all the interest around WWI modelling and, of course, with the release of Takom's Mk.I kits. Hopefully New Penguin will expand their line to cover more early amour subjects in the near future.
Highly recommended

Andy Moore

Thanks to New Penguin decals for sending these for us to review and for Andy to use with his kit.