Sunday, March 27

Pegaso’s new Medicine Man & Tracian Warrior - sure to heal your passion & wound your wallet this month..

Pegaso have been quiet as of late – but this march and April sees the release of two very highly sought after subjects, A Classical era Tracian Warrior and an old west era Medicine Man. See what they are made of and how they look in our preview...

Pegaso’s March / April Figures

CODE: 90-067
PAINTER: Diego Ruina
MATERIAL: white metal
SIZE: 90
SCALE: 1:20
PRICE: € 76
The Thracian “Peltast” was one of the most renowned light infantry soldier in the Classical world. These soldiers from the northwest of Macedonia had an individualist culture, and the hilly, heavily forested areas over which the Thracian tribes fought produced warfare based on raids and ambushes. Thracian tactics emphasised speed and evasiveness, contrasting with the shock action of hoplites or legionaries. This type of warfare was highly irregular even in those days, and it made them feared by even the toughest of their foes.
The Tracian “peltast” was named for his shield. The pelta was crescent-shaped, made of wicker covered with goat or sheepskin and carried by a central handgrip. Contemporary illustrations of Thracian peltasts show them wearing fox skin caps and simple tunics, or stripped for speed, and carrying pelta and javelins. Most also carried the traditional Balkan weapon, the rhomphaia or falx, a one or two-handed scythe with a curved iron blade, 120 cm long, which could behead a man, hamstring a horse or smash right through armour with a single blow. When, in the second century AD, the Romans fought the Dacians, the ancestors of today’s Romanians, they had to deploy special units of legionaries with extra-heavy armour to face them.

An illustration of a Pelta and the figure from Pegaso on the right...
The soldier in this figure is made from white metal in 1/20th scale or (90mm as figure makers like to call it) – he is sculpted and painted by the same man as the other release from Pegaso this month, Ebroin but this time Diego Ruina is the painter in the box art version you see here.

CODE: 75-119
CATEGORY: 15 Old West
PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci
MATERIAL: white metal
SIZE: 75
SCALE: 1:24
PRICE: € 37
This shaman of the old west is seen in a white metal sculpt from Pegaso’s Ebroin and in the box art example is painted by Danilo Cartacci. He is made from twenty pieces so you have quite a chance to paint some of the parts separately if that is your style. 
The large staff that this medicine man carries is decorated with the same feathers that run right down the rear of the Medicine man’s back. The Eagle Feathers in his hand are enchanted to the believers of the medicine man’s healing powers or magic.
You could paint this figure in a great deal of different ways which is nice to be able to add your own shades and reality to the figure. He looks to us like a cool piece to own.
These figures are now available from Pegaso’s distributors worldwide.