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Spot the difference? MiniArt’s new kit of the T-44M in 35th scale has subtle differences to it's brother…

Miniart's new T-44M in 35th scale – it looks very to the earlier announced brother kit - but the "M" version is different in several ways - we take a look with some comparisons of how this kit differs and what's coming in the box in our preview...

Spot the difference? MiniArt’s new T-44M in 35th scale has subtle differences…

MiniArt Models
1/35th scale
Military Miniatures Series
BOX: 385x240x90 mm
This kit contains 768 parts.
659 Plastic Parts
94 Photoetched Parts
15 Clear Plastic Parts
Box contains one model of  the T-44M with full interior

Specific Features of the T-44M
In 1961 the updated T-44M model was brought to life with several features that improved it from the base T-44 (A) version. The T-44A modernization program incorporated a drive train upgrade to match the one used in T-54 including the V-54 12-cylinder 38.88 litre water-cooled diesel engine developing 523 bhp (390 kW), gearbox, tracks, 'starfish' road wheels and a conventional toothed drive sprocket, flush with the outer track edge. 
It had an increased ammunition stowage (from 58 rounds to 61 rounds), new R-113 and R-120 radio sets, a heater and infra-red night sight, TVN-2-night vision device for the driver as well as another fuel tank which increased the fuel capacity by 150 litres to 650 litres and 800 litres with additional fuel tanks.
The maximal road operational range of the tank increased to 420 km - 440 km.[12] The original fenders were replaced with T-54-style ones. The catwalk stowage was changed to the flat T-54 rectangular external fuel tanks with embossed circle and cross. Hence the T-44M had a different arrangement of additional fuel tanks and stowage boxes. There were four rectangular external fuel tanks as well as two smaller ones on the right fender and fastenings for four spare track chain links, one rectangular external fuel tank as well as two smaller ones and one stowage box. The tank received a mount for an antiaircraft machine gun.[12] A T-54-style headlight cluster with two headlights was added to right hand side of the glacis plate and the T-34-style headlight on the left hand side of the hull was removed
T-44M Specifications
Crew: 4
Weight: 31 t
Length: 6070 mm
Length with gun forward: 7650 mm
Width: 3180 mm
Height: 2410 mm
Base: 3800 mm
Ground clearance: 425 mm
Engine: Model V-54 12-cyl. Diesel 520 hp.
Max. road speed: 60 km/h
Max. cross country speed: 25-30 km/h
Max. operational range: 420-440 km
Mark: ZIS-S-53 standard in 1944 (61 rds.)
Calibre: 85 mm
Type of gun: rifled
Sight: telescopic TSh-16
Machine gun: 2 x 7.62-mm DTM

The new kit from miniArt  includes…
Up-To-Date Technology Using Sliding Moulds – the sprues ( some of these are in multiples):
Clear parts are included...
...As are photo etched pieces as well.
 The main differences from the T-44 kit also from MiniArt…

There were several subtle and not so subtle differences between #35193 T-44 and #37002 T-44M Soviet Medium Tank kits. MiniArt have provided an easy reference to show you just what has changed in the new “M” model.

Engine V-44 was changed to V-54 developing 520 hp, 2-VTI dual-purpose air cleaner was changed to one VTI-4 with two stages of cleaning.
On the right fenders were installed three additional fuel tanks with capacity of 95 litres each of them. As a result, the fuel capacity was increased to 785 litres, so the maximal road operational range of the tank was increased to 420 km - 440 km.
The gearbox and the main clutch were upgraded with planetary steering mechanism instead of side clutches.
The chassis of the T-44M was completely modified. The tank received a new type of track links with new idler wheels and reinforced drive wheel.
T-44M received a new night vision device TVN-2 instead of MK-4 and a new sight system.
 T-44M received front and rear corner light. The sound signal was replaced by moisture-resistant signal C-58.
Lamp FG-100 with infrared filter was mounted to illuminate an area when using TVN-2.

The ammunition stowage was increased from 58 rounds to 61 rounds.
Old 9R radio set was changed to a new R-113 radio set.
The completed model...
Highly Detailed Model with Workable Tracks & Workable Torsion Bars
External cables, fuel tanks and tools
Fully Detailed Fighting Compartment Interior
V-54 Engine Included
Lastly a walk around of the completed kit
Lastly, the kit comes with Full-Colour Instructions & Decal Sheet for 4 Variants
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