Wednesday, April 6

Revell keep the diversity coming with April’s new kit range…

Revell of Germany’s new kits and pieces for April 2016 are a varied bunch of cars, ships, popular aircraft in popular scales and a few others we thought you might want to look at all built up in our preview…

Revell’s April 2016 new Kit Preview

1/144th scale
Product number #05139
Length 443 mm
number of parts 485 
A model construction kit of a Federal German landing ship (LSM = Landing Ship Medium) of the Eidechse (Lizard) class, that was taken over from the US Navy's inventory in 1958.
- Two-part hull
- Detailed propulsion unit
- Moveable ruder
- Detailed cargo deck
- Opening bow doors and ramp
- Authentic 40 mm twin cannon
- 3x M47 Patton battle tanks
- 3x HS 30 Armoured personnel carriers
- 3x 5t gl Emma cargo vehicles
- Version L750 with a helicopter landing platform and a Bristol 171 Sycamore helicopter
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Eidechse-Klasse , Bundesmarine, L 750 Krokodil , 1959
- Eidechse-Klasse , Bundesmarine, L 751 Eidechse , L 752 Salamander , L 753 Viper 1959

Product number #03958
1:48th Scale
Length 189 mm
Wingspan 206 mm
number of parts 40
A model construction kit of the most produced German fighter aircraft of the Second World War.
Special features of the model:
- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed undercarriage
- Rotatable propeller
Authentic decal set for following version:
- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10, IV./JG301, Stendal, Spring 1945

item number# 07452
1:24th scale
Number of parts 295
Length 363 mm
Model kit of VARUS 4x4 - the new fire engine generation Schlingmann. Built HLF 20 (Hilfeleistungs-Löschgruppenfahrzeug) on a chassis MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 BL (Euro 6). - 
Equipment rooms are open 
- Equipment storage configurations (generators, rescue shears, hoses) 
- Detailed driver's and crew compartment with breathing apparatus 
- Side entrance system on / Extend - hose reel at the rear 
- Individual insertion and extension ladders on the roof 
- light mast 
- Decals for a presentation vehicle

Product number #03303
1:72nd Scale
Length 310 mm
number of parts 309
A model construction kit of a vehicle-mounted Intercontinental Ballistic Missile of Soviet origin. 
- Can by choice be built in the transport or firing position
- Detailed chassis and transmission
- Intricate Parts
- Detailed launch-silo
- Rubber Tyres 
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- TOPOL SS-25 Sickle, Russia, 2011
- TOPOL SS-25 Sickle, Moscow, Russia, Victory Day Parade 09, May 2008
- START-1 Space Launch System, Svobodny, Russia

Product number #07436
1:24th Scale
Length 181 mm
number of parts 167
A demanding but detailed, multi-part model construction kit of the deluxe version of the legendary VW T1 Samba Bus.
- Multi-part body
- Detailed interior including bench seats
- Movable doors and tailgate
- Rotating wheels
- Decal set and building instructions for a T1 in the yellow and blue design of the Lufthansa

Product number #03250
1:35th Scale
Length 152 mm
number of parts 170
Often called the Opel "Blitz" - this model depicts the German Wehrmacht truck with a 1.5 ton payload.
- Detailed engine
- Authentic interior
- Detailed chassis and transmission
- Open flatbed
- Intricate Parts
- Hand tools 
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- France, 1940
- Africa Corps, Lybia 1941-1942
- German Air Force, East front, Russia 1942-1943
- East front, Russia, Winter 1943-1944

These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.