Tuesday, May 24

Bronco models go for both mainstream & obscure with their next set of releases…

Bronco are churning out new kits and some of them are quite interesting and novel. The two sets of new British “Red Devils” set in 35th scale are a good addition to your Horsa glider while the Duckbill tracks Pt.II that are going to be popular with M4 modellers. The main highlight – the “German Rheinmetall Long-Range Rocket ‘Rheinbote’ (Rh.Z.61/9) and launcher” (easy for you to say) is looking quite an interesting release. Let’s look at what’s on the way into shops in July from Bronco.

Bronco Models New Products for June 2016

German Rheinmetall Long-Range Rocket ‘Rheinbote’ (Rh.Z.61/9) and launcher
Kit No# CB35048  
1/35th scale
Developed in 1943 by the Rheinmetall-Borsig company, Rheinbote was a four-stage solid-fuelled rocket, and the only long-range battlefield ballistic missile to actually enter service in World War II. The first test flights were carried out that year. Several changes were made to the system, but the basic design remained the same. It measured 11.4 m (37 ft 5 in), with fins at the tail and one set of additional fins at each stage. The propellant was a diglycol dinitrate mix, which enable test models to achieve 6,800 km/h (4,200 mph; 3,700 kn), the fastest rocket of the period.
The Rheinbote carried a 40 kg (88 lb) warhead (just 6.5% of the missile's total weight) to a height of 78,000 m (256,000 ft), for an effective range of 160 km (99 mi; 86 nmi); it reached over 220 km (140 mi; 120 nmi) in testing. For shorter ranges, some of the stages could be removed. It was launched from a simple rail on a mobile trailer, based on the one used to transport the V-2. It was aimed simply by pointing the trailer and elevating the launch gantry, a method not guaranteed to be accurate. Over 220 were constructed, and numbers were fired against Antwerp between November 1944 and the end of the war. Some were fired from positions near the town of Nunspeet in the Netherlands. 
The concept of long-range artillery rockets on the battlefield would remain undeveloped after the war. Even Rheinbote was not used in its intended role, but instead as a smaller version of the V-2 missile in the strategic role, for which its warhead was essentially useless due to its poor accuracy, small size, and its fusing, since it tended to bury itself in the ground before exploding. Over 200 were used against the Belgian port of Antwerp. They caused only limited damage in small unpredictable areas of the city. After the war, the Soviet Union seized the rockets design to progress their own missile technology.

The new models feature-set

 The photo etch parts give some very thin detail to this kit
The three decal choices give some variation of colour choices

WWII British Paratroops in Combat Set A
Kit No# CB35130  
1/35th scale 
This set of British Paratroops will suit the many 35th scale model sets that need these soldiers in the late WWII post D-Day scenarios. This figure set includes five figures in full combat gear including three sten gunners (one throwing a grenade), a 303 bearing soldier firing and a Bren gunner.

WWII British Paratroops in Combat Set B
1/35th scale

This second set of “Red Devils” shows these soldiers with slightly heavier equipment. One of these soldiers is trying to use the famed radios the Paras relied on so much, one is sporting a Lee Enfield .303 and an officer is shouting orders and pointing whilst the Bren gunner is advancing cautiously with gun at his hip. These sets really remind me of the action poses I used to have with my army men as a child.
Duckbills Pt II - for the US M4 Sherman Tank T62 Track Links
Kit No# AB3550
216 parts in the kit
1/35th scale
These wider tracks were used by the US M4 Sherman Tank T62 to traverse muddy and snowy conditions. Often used in Northern Europe these reduced ground pressure of these vehicles in off-road conditions. The Sherman tank’s high ground pressure, restricted its ability to cross boggy ground unless fitted with duck bill-shaped extensions to the tracks. The downside was that the tank had to keep its speed down to avoid breaking them off. These tracks are easy to assemble and are movable once on the kit for workable suspensions especially.

All of these kits will be available in June or July, check out the Bronco Models website for more information on their distributors nearer to you.