Sunday, May 15

Shizuoka show surprise – Takom are making tracks – literally….

So what to do if you are storing a life-sized real McCoy panther in your basement but someone has pulled it out of a hole in the wall without its tracks?  Get new ones or just buy a shed-load of Takom’s latest kit – the 1/1 scale individual link of single Panther tracks which are about to be released….

New kit in 1/1 scale from Takom
Panther track
1/1 scale
Kit No#
Includes 1 track (But not the chair)
This new kit from Takom will be of interest to some. Immediately we thought “diorama base” and I suppose many others did as well – and this kit comprises one singular track replica in injection moulded plastic that replicates this big cat’s track.

....this guy needs lots of this new kit from Takom if he want her to run again
Here are some references for you to use, and maybe to inspire you…

This kit has been released as a Shizuoka show surprise – and we are pretty excited to start our own collection – maybe we can get that old bloke from Germany’s Panther back in his basement?

More on this new kit from Takom when it arrives in our hands very soon.