Saturday, May 14

BRRR! feelin the chill with Panzer Aces 51 - the winter white special...

We very much look forward to the English versions of Panzer Aces at TMN H.Q. Mainly ‘cos we can at last read them (sorry me no bi-lingual mucho) – Anyway this special features on the chilly climes and on how to make your AFV and diorama cold with snow, ice and jack frost. Let’s take a look at issue 51 in our preview…

Panzer Aces 51 Special - Winter Camouflages
English as well as Spanish languages
Ref# PA-EN-0051
96 Pages
€ 15.00
• Cruiser Tank A-30 Challenger, scale 1/35
• Bison I, scale 1/35
• T-34-76, Factory 183, scale 1/35
• Marder III, scale 1/35
• Crush this Bastard!!, scale 1/35
• Modelling Lessons: Techniques for winter camouflage
• Sd. Kfz 251/9, scale 1/35
• Modelling Lessons: Tree stump in snow 2nd part.
A-30 Challenger Cruiser Tank in 1/35 Scale - Juan Luis is a reputed modeller that addresses their projects with dedication, invention and mastery. His A-30 is no exception, a subject that has seen very little resolved solvency despite not being an easy model.
Bison I in 1/35 scale – Most of us have seen the famous photograph that has Dzik Konrad inspired to make this zany self-propelled howitzer. It is the baptism of fire in Panzer Aces of our young Polish friend and well resolved a complex assembly for this kit and scene. Hopefully, this will not be his last if this model is any proof of his ability.
T-34-76, 183 Factory number in 35th scale. Here is another case in which a photograph inspires the realisation of a vehicle in a scene. In this case, Roman Volchenkov recreates a T-34-76 in poor condition and without caterpillar tracks that is being towed by a Tiger (not present in the scene).
Marder III 1/35th Scale -  Another new addition to the team from Poland, Miroslaw has done a nice winter camouflage to a very high level of wear and tear. This article highlights the fantastic work of textures and opposite lights and darks on this vehicle.
Crush this Bastard!! 1/35th scale. Magnificent diorama made by one of the best modellers in the business. In his entertaining article, you will learn a lot of tricks and techniques. This work was rewarded deservedly silver medal in the last edition of AMT.
Modelling Lessons: Winter camouflage techniques - Here are six simple ways to make your winter time camouflages more realistic that is explained in a simple and intuitive way through the step by step photographic sequences. You will have no more excuses, the next model you can now make with a camouflage. 
Sd. Kfz 251/9 1/35th Scale, Michel on this vehicle shows the possibilities of washable paints and rescue the unloved dry brush technique. An article with a "surprise gift”
Tree stump in snow: 2nd part - Who better than an outdoorsman and experienced modeller as Rodrigo to give us the best advice and teachings to our snow scenes. We present a detailed study of the best products to mimic snow, ice & their method of use.

Check out the Panzer Aces site for more info on their latest books and magazines and info on where to get this issue…