Saturday, June 4

Tiger model’s new 35th scale Russian T-90MS “Tagil” MBT - just in time before it is "Trumped"...

Before Trumpeter tries to "Gazump" this release by showing off a hazy image of thier own design we have several pictures of the fearsome T-90MS Tagil from Tiger model. This new improved version of the best Russian MBT in 35th scale with lots of detail can be seen in the completed plastic to show you a little more than a CAD picture before its release. See what it's gonna look a little like in our preview…

Tiger Models New Kit:

Russian T-90MS “Tagil” MBT
1/35th scale
Kit No #4612

Looks like Tiger Model are expanding their 35th scale range. The brand new T-90MS "Tagil" is a fresh update on the battlefield. Here is some of the vehicle background before we look at the plastic for those unfamilliar with this new AFV...
The T-90MS is the next step in the development of the Russian-made main battle tank T-90. The new T-90MS was presented for the first time to the public during the defence exhibition Russian Expo arms in September 2011. This new tank is a complete modernization of the T-90 by touching all the characteristics of the basic variant to increase its operational capabilities in combat and against modern threats of the battlefield. The weight of the T-90MS has increased of 1,500 kg, compared to the basic model of the T-90 to reach 48 tons, but it remains significantly lower compared to the German main battle tank Leopard 2A6 and the American M1 Abrams.

Vehicle Specifications:
Users: Russia
Crew: 3
Armor: Protection against small arms and shell splinters, detachable explosive reactive armour, side panels with explosive armour
vehicle Weight: 48,000 kg
vehicle Speed: 72 km/h maximum road speed
Range: 550 km

Armament: One 125mm gun 2A46M-5, with new features as the installation of high-rigidity barrel tube, play-free trunnion assembly units with elastic rollers and return wedge and two additional play take-up elements with rollers. The 2A46M-5 gun design made it possible to reduce technical dispersion of shells of all types by 15% in average and to increase effective range of fire. The T-90MS carries 40 rounds of 125mm, 22 are ready to be used on an automatic carousel autoloader. It is able to fire SABOT, HEAT, HE-Frag rounds as well as the Reflex AT missiles. The other ammunition is stowed in a special hull rear section to avoid the risks of explosion and provide high crew survivability. 

Also carried are one coaxial machine gun 7.62mm and remote weapon system with 7.62mm on the top of the turret. A 7.62mm coaxial machine gun 6P7K is coupled to the 125mm gun. The remote weapon system is mounted on the right side on the top of the turret which is armed with a 7.62mm machine gun. It is designed to destruct stationary and moving targets. The machine gun mount with two-axis stabilization enables the tank commander to deliver effective fire from his station inside the vehicle at a halt and on the move independently of the main armament. The remote weapon station is equipped with panoramic sight, controlled from the commander's station which can fire at a maximum range of 1,500m, with elevation from -10° to +45° on 316° rotation. Six smoke-grenade dischargers are mounted to each side of the turret.
On-board Equipment: Remote machine gun on top turret, computer firing control system, gunner sight with video control, air conditioner cooling unit, commander video viewing device. The T-90MS Tagil has updated observation and aiming devices, new Kalina fire control system. It also has a hunter-killer capability and tracks selected targets automatically. It is claimed that the new tank is 15-20% more accurate than its predecessor.
  This main battle tank has a crew of three, including commander, gunner and driver. As well as the Russians this new tank has been adopted by the Fourth Division of the Syrian army has been equipped with at least 6 modern T-90MS Tagil tanks, provided by the Russian Federation. Their function is to help the Syrian Arab Army advance in the southern province of Aleppo.
The kit from Tiger Model…
This new kit has been promised for a while but now we have the evidence in the flesh of the kit – or rather in the plastic.

The side on look, with the turret turned show a lot about the detail in this model, the ERA armoured turret and smoke dispensers with the very detailed turret and “furniture” will make for an interesting bit of depth to the build.
The top-down view sees the open hatches and the shape of the turret off to good effect.
The loooong 125mm 2A46M-5 gun…
The metal smoke dispenser will “Dispense” with any seam marks and the many sensors on top are helped along with photo etch and clear parts

The just as detailed rear section with stowage bins and large external fuel tanks that, along with the extra side armour and slatted rear guards will give you plenty to detail…

More on this kit when we get it to review and build in the near future…Check out Tiger Models Website for more on their kits…