Saturday, July 23

AK Interactive products in July/August...lots of reading & modelling to be done!

A whole bunch of painting and weathering materials plus three new publications from AK Interactive this August shape up for some good modelling sessions over the (northern) summer…


 New AK Interactive products in July/August...

In English & Spanish.
9,00 €

Issue eight is here! In this issue, the Aces High team brings us a special theme, CAPTURED! The newest issue is dedicated to captured enemy aircraft put into service. As is always the case here at AK, using the latest techniques, Dani Zamarbide shows us how to put an American P-51 Mustang into service with the German Army. Included in this issue are new sections such as a historical gallery, tips & tricks and many easy to do techniques. Another top hit release from the best aircraft modelling magazine!

In English & Spanish.
9,00 €
Are you ready for the fourth issue of Tanker Techniques Magazine? The overwhelming worldwide success of our quarterly magazine has propelled us forward to the next issue. Aptly named Damage Inc. the fourth issue showcases damage, and how master modellers recreate it utilizing a wide range of products and the latest techniques. As with all other issues, detailed explanations for the correct application of these effects are provided; the techniques presented in Tanker Techniques are universal, easily applied to other models, not just tanks. If you haven’t already, start your collection now; create a library of useful techniques, and effects. Are you drawn to the technical side of our hobby? Are you secretly a rivet counter? If so, this is the must-have magazine; each issue is packed with detailed information, galleries, interviews and more. You won’t be disappointed!

49,95 €

Always at the forefront of the modelling world, AK has gone somewhere no other model company has gone before; we are releasing a kit for both collectors and modellers alike. For the first time an abandoned aircraft! AK is proud to offer a Limited Edition release of an abandoned Mig-21. This kit is a breath of fresh air; an idea that dares to break away from the pack. This is a perfect model for those who want to build a Mig-21, and for those who want to collect a bit of modelling history.

This model kit contains: Precise instructions, Photo-etched, Decals, Resin parts
Have you always wanted to try and recreate a tired aircraft that through the flaked paint, flat tires, and overall weathered appearance tells a glorious story? This kit allows just that; make a version with flat tires, extremely weathered and discoloured decals; or if that is not to your liking, opt for a more classic version and build an attractive Russian or German Mig-21 aircraft in its days of glory. High quality unassembled model kit for modellers aged 14 and up. Contains plastic parts, photo-etched parts and decals. Requires glue, tools and paint to complete (not included). Pictorial assembly guide provides precise assembly instructions.

In English & Spanish.
17,95 €
Modelling Full Ahead has become bigger; following the success of the first issue, Knox & Baleares Class we are now proud to present Modelling Full Ahead 2: New Orleans Class. Initially, when we laid out Modelling Full Ahead, our goal was to condense the information required to successfully build one class of warship into 80 pages. However, as modellers, we all know that the full scope of our hobby that challenges us includes techniques, new innovative ideas, history and so much more. Therefore, this cannot be achieved only with a monographic series. Be sure not to miss out on these special issues.

13,20 €

The new set US NAVY CAMOUFLAGES 2, has been developed to complement the previous US NAVY CAMOUFLAGES. With this new acrylic set, we hand over the naval modeller a powerful tool which will allow you to paint all of the US Navy schemes during World War II, as it can be the “Early” as the “Dazzle” and “Late” Measures. The variants for smaller vessels, submarines and aircraft carrier are also included.
This set contains:
AK5021 Dark Gray 5D
AK5022 Pale Gray 5P
AK5023 Standard Navy Gray 5
AK5024 Flight Deck Blue 21
AK5025 Neutral Haze Gray
AK5026 Hull Red

13,20 €

This set contains the main green colours used by the United States Army and the Marine Corps during World War II. Included are various versions of Olive Drab used during the war. The range of greens starts with a clear matte version used in the years leading up to and the start of World War II, to a darker glossy tone used in 1944. This set also includes OD 50‘ a post-WWII version that was used on vehicles throughout the Korean War. This set combines well with AK4220 US ARMY & USMC CAMOUFLAGE COLORS.

This set contains:
AK4211 Olive Drab Nº9 (FS33070)
AK4212 Olive Drab Nº22
AK4213 Olive Drab 50’ (FS34087)
AK4013 USMC Forest Green (FS34079)
AK4214 Light Green Nº1 (FS34151)
AK4215 Olive Drab Nº31 (FS34084)

13,20 €
This set contains:
AK735 Black (FS37038)
AK4221 Nº5 Earth Brown (FS30099)
AK4222 Nº6 Earth Yellow (FS30257)
AK4223 Nº8 Earth Red (FS30117)
AK4224 Nº13 Desert Sand (FS30279)
AK4225 Ocean Grey (FS35164)

This set contains camouflage colours used by both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps throughout World War II. Paint any vehicle used by the U.S. Army in the mild climate theatre of operations (Europe, Pacific), desert (Africa and Italy) and arctic climate (snowy terrains). This set allows us to paint from the colourful camouflage colours used by the Marines in the Solomon Islands, or the army vehicles used in the invasion of Sicily with striking patterns in two shades of green and sand. This set is ideal for combining with the colours from the set AK4210 US ARMY & USMC GREEN COLORS.

17,60 €
This set contains:
AK4231 Dark Green (FS34079)
AK4214 Light Green (FS34151)
AK4233 MERDC NATO Sand (FS30277)
AK4234 Field Drab (FS30118)
AK4222 US. ARMY Nº6 Earth Yellow (FS30257)
AK4236 Forest Green (FS34102)
AK797 NATO Brown (FS30117)
AK4237 Insignia White (FS37875)

This set contains the necessary colours to paint American vehicles according to the MERDC (Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center) camouflage system used by the United States Army during the 1970’s. This comprehensive set contains all the required colours necessary to paint the various MERDC camouflage schemes. The MERDC patterns are MERDC Summer Verdant, MERDC Tropical Verdant, MERDC Grey Desert, MERDC Red Desert, MERDC Snow / Open Terrain, MERDC Snow w/ Trees and MERDC Winter Verdant. AK Interactive insists upon exacting standards ensuring that all colours correspond FS 595 (United States Federal Standard colours used in Government Procurement) colour chart.

14,00 €
This set contains:
AK3121 Russian Uniform Lights
AK3122 Russian Uniform Base
AK3123 Russian Uniform Shadows
AK3124 Russian Blue Lights
AK3125 Russian Blue Base
AK3126 Red Emblem

We have developed a set of six colours for recreating Soviet army uniforms of WWII. Also included is blue used for tank crew uniforms, and the distinct red used in the Soviet emblem. As with all other AK acrylic colours, this set can be applied either by brush or airbrush. Thinning is best done with AK712 Acrylic Thinner.

14,00 €
This set contains:
AK3141 Field Grey Base
AK3142 Field Grey Base 2
AK3143 Field Grey Lights
AK3144 Field Grey Shadows
AK3145 German Grey Uniform
AK3146 German Grey Uniform Light

A six colour set formulated for the field grey uniforms of WW2 German soldiers. Field grey was widely used throughout the various uniforms of the Wehrmacht, Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers) and others such as tank crews, and Special Forces. Inside are six basic colours for these uniforms, all of which can be blended with each other to achieve different colours and shades.

11,40 €
This set contains:
AK088 Worn Effects
AK089 Heavy Chipping
AK711 Chipping Color
AK139 Aluminium Chipping
Chipping Essential User Guide Included.

AK is proud to present the first weathering set dedicated to the art of chipping. Inside we have included some of our best-selling weathering products such as Worn Effects, Heavy Chipping, and our classic Chipping Color. Virtually any type of paint chip can be easily created. This is a truly universal set valuable to not only AFV modellers but aircraft modellers, Sci-Fi vehicles, trains and so much more. We have added a new product to this set, inside you will find Aluminium Chipping; a colour perfect for replicating chips in the paint that have been applied to aluminium surfaces. Don’t make the common mistake that a lot of modellers make, that being the use of the same colour for chipping effects. A paint chip on an aeroplane wing should not look the same as a paint chip from a tank, or any other AFV.

These new products are available directly from AK Interactive or their many distributors worldwide.