Saturday, July 9

Bandai’s “Star Wars” kits continue with a new TIE Interceptor in 72nd scale…

To add to the other “Force Awakens” Star wars injection moulded kits comes the news that Bandai is also bringing out some spacecraft from the "original" trilogy – We now have all of the details on the new Tie Interceptor 72nd scale along with key points and images so take a look at this new kit in our preview…
New “TIE Interceptor” from Bandai in July…

"TIE Interceptor"
Bandai Models
1/72nd scale
price ¥ 2,592 yen
To be released July 28, 2016
 Bandai has already shown us their new TIE Interceptor in 72nd scale at the Shizuoka model show. It will be in good company with the other fighters from the Star Wars series in the same scale – It is sure to be popular with those Battle of Endor enthusiasts…but hold on a minute – wasn’t that movie from the eighties? And what is a TIE Interceptor some of the younger viewers might ask???

The TIE Interceptor making it's debut at Shizuoka

The TIE Interceptor is the direct result of advancements made from Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 Prototype and takes its best qualities from it. The TIE Interceptor uses the TIE Starfighter fuselage, drive pod and wing braces. The solar array panels have been elongated and bent for extra power. The forward section of the solar array panels are "Dagger Shape" so the pilot's field of vision is not obscured. While at the same time making the TIE Interceptor far more intimidating and at the same time giving this starfighter a smaller profile than the TIE Advanced x1, thereby making it harder to hit. It has no hyperdrive unit, launcher systems, shield generators or life support. So the pilot must wear fully sealed flight suit.

The TIE Interceptor are primarily deployed with Imperial or Super Star Destroyers and key Star Bases, such as the shipyards in Kuat and Fondor. The TIE Interceptor was introduced shortly before the Battle of Yavin, but was not put to general use until before the Battle of Endor. These starfighters were designed to counter the design advantages of the X-Wing.

The TIE Interceptor is one of the Empire's best dogfighters. The targeting software has been upgraded so the pilot has a greater firing accuracy even during complex manoeuvres. The Empire intended the TIE Interceptor to eventually replace the TIE/ln (TIE Fighter), but by the Battle of Endor only about 20 percent of Imperial starfighters in service were TIE Interceptors. Also, the TIE Interceptor uses the same type of ion engines that the TIE Advanced x1 uses. The TIE Interceptor uses a new type of ion stream projector allowing Imperial Pilots to execute tight turns and rolls. Twin-port deflectors can be manipulated individually for fine control and counter-balancing, thereby making this Imperial starfighter a superior choice for dogfights against Rebel ships. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the TIE Interceptor can literally fly circles around X-Wings. 
A little more about the feature set on this kit
Special display base included which replicates the surface of the Death Star
turbo lasers + laser beam effects for optional firing scenario in a diorama

1/72nd scale pilot (seated) with a detailed interior
Canopy with two different options can be posed open or closed (frame and clear parts × 1 · Clear parts × 1)
water transfer type decals or stickers supplied & internal details are replicated
These kits will be available in October from Bandai’s distributors