Saturday, August 27

Diopark’s new Merc has seen better days and lesser loads…

Diopark has just announced their new Mercedes-Benz W123 in 35th scale – this time, it is included with all of the bare necessities in tow – Let’s have a look at this kit, and see what’s new in this boxing our preview…

“70’s German Made Civilian Car w/ Living Supplies”
From: Diopark
Kit # DP35018
1/35th Scale
Diopark’s new kit is a sedan of the famous German manufacturers that anyone might know, but it unnamed here… Hmm – looks a lot like the Mercedes W123 sedan to us – just like the previous kit that was released from Diopark with the IED makers and all of their kit.
We are not sure if this Merc has any figures with the kit, but we do a have a small feature list of what the car is made from and what comes with the “stowage”
The four doors open and close, trunk lid can be posed open or closed. There is also the interior of the trunk made to look like the real one (without all the junk we hope) and full seats and interior of the doors just like the original.
The blinkers & indicator lights and is transparent plastic. Not only this but the disk brakes and chassis back also reproduced.
The five tires are made from Rubber with the proper tread patterns made from slide moulds.
Etched Parts of the three-pointed star. The license plate can be selected from two.
The extra sprue that will stand out to some people is all the included gear that comes with this car. A couple of Jerry cans and a water can, Pepsi bottles, glass coke bottles, mineral water bottles, a folded shirt and a sweater, a spare tire and rim, a leather suitcase, a folded blanket, a round water cooler, an “Esky” and lastly a yellow “Taxi” light if you would like to make it into a taxi.

This kit will no doubt be with us pretty soon, we are thinking in a month or so. It will be available from Diopark’s distributors worldwide.