Tuesday, August 23

Masterbox’s early war German soldiers are about to pick a fight...

Masterbox has announced their three kits that are expected for September this year. We have already had a look at the Cowgirl & Indian women in 24th scale, this is the latest though, featuring some early WWII Germans on the attack…

Masterbox new release of October 2016

“German Infantry, WWII era. Early period”
Kit No #35177
1/35th scale
This kit contains five figures.
This figure set relates to the early WWII era in the attack on Western Europe and summer of the first year of Barbarossa.
The consists of 5 figures of German Infantrymen of the early period of the WWII in their field grey tunics and pants. They make up a dynamic scene illustrating a moment in an armed street fight: the group of the Infantrymen is risking very much by crossing the street that is possibly under the fire of the opponent.
While the officer scans the length of the street, his men break cover to get to the next secure place. Two of these are carrying the ammunition for the MG 34/42 (they are the gunner and his mate) while the other two are acting as bodyguards with their Kar.98 rifles. One of these soldiers has a sniper scope on his rifle also.
This figure set has not only great boxart but also painting instructions on the rear. You can see the sprue map parts on here as well.
This kit will be available through all of Masterbox’s distributors in Early September this year…