Monday, September 5

All the latest items in our November preview from Hasegawa

Hasegawa has again put their moulds to maximum use and added bonuses to existing kits to broaden their range in November - Let’s look at their releases in our preview to try to plan your next build in time for their release….

Hasegawa’s new items for November 2016

Japanese Navy Cruiser Tenryū "Super Details" Limited Edition
1/700TH Scale
Mfg. Number: 30038
Length: 8 in (204.5 mm)
Width: 0.87 in (22 mm)
Pieces: 100

Tenryū and her sister ship Tatsuta were tough Japanese light cruisers commissioned just after the First World War and used in WWII. Tenryū fought at Wake Island, off Guadalcanal, and extensively in the waters around New Guinea before falling prey to USS Albacore in late 1942. The vessel itself was a new design intended to lead destroyer flotillas. It was long, thin, and fast for a cruiser, but carried lighter armour and armament than other cruisers. Kit features two sets of decals and full photo-etched parts set.
Decal Options:
IJN December, 1941
IJN July, 1942

"AREA-88" F-8E Crusader "Shin Kazama" Limited Edition
1/48TH Scale
Mfg. Number: 64739
Length: 13.7 in (348 mm)
Width: 8.9 in (226 mm)
Pieces: 119

Shin Kazama is the conflict-beset protagonist of the AREA-88 manga, anime, and OVA. One of his most iconic rides, however, is the F-8E Crusader. This quad 20mm-armed aircraft was developed in the mid-fifties and served through the mid-seventies with front-line forces. This makes it ideal for the mercenary pilots of AREA-88 who fight a seemingly endless war over the desert.

Decal Option:
Kingdom of Arslan Area-88 Pilot: Shin Kazama

Kawasaki C-1 Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition
1/200TH Scale
Mfg. Number: 10698
Length: 5.7 in (145 mm)
Width: 5.98 in (152 mm)
Pieces: 44 / 44
Although it will soon be surpassed in Japanese service by the C-2, the C-1 has been a reliable cargo and troop transport of the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces for over forty years. These aircraft are ideal for their role, are highly versatile and have only one real vice-they are short ranged. In order to eliminate any possibility of the plane being used offensively, its designers limited the range of the C-1 so that it could fly only within the home islands.

Decal Options:
  1. JASDF 2TAG 402SQ 50th anniversary marking Code: 007 Iruma A.B. 2008
  2. JASDF 1TAG 401SQ Code: 007 Komaki A.B.
  3. JASDF 3TAG 403SQ Code: 007 Miho A.B.

Trust Porsche® 962C Limited Edition
1/24th Scale
Stock Number: HSGS0283
Length: 7.9 in (200mm)
Width: 3.3 in (83 mm)
Pieces: 61

The Porsche 962C conquered the 1987 24 Hours of Le Mans and garnered wins in many other racing categories across the world. So many people loved the car that modified versions hit tracks everywhere-frequently with different engines, modified bodies, and even completely replaced chassis.

Decal Option:
Trust Racing Team car #99 at the Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship in 1988

P-51C Mustang "Excalibur III" Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition
Mfg. Number: 02215
Pieces: 53 / 52

n 1946, pilot Paul Mantz converted his P-51 into an airshow superstar and captured a Bendix Trophy for his efforts. Mantz won two more Bendix Trophies with the P-51. By 1951, Charles F. Blair, Jr. rechristened it the "Excalibur III" and flew 3,260 miles non-stop across the North Pole. This limited edition kit combo features two P-51C Mustangs, dorsal fin and resin under-bulge parts.

Decal Options:
Excalibur III, North Pole solo flight, Code: N1202, May 1951
1946 Bendix air race winner, Code: 46 NX1202

Kawasaki T-4 "Blue Impulse 2016" Limited Edition
1/48 TH Scale
Mfg. Number: 07442
Pieces: 118

Japan's Air Demonstration Team, Blue Impulse, entertains airshow crowds every year with stunning aerobatic feats in T-4 trainers. These subsonic planes are perfect for the precise manoeuvres that the team has to execute, including drawing logos across the sky with smoke pumps. Blue Impulse is based at Matsushima Airfield, which also houses an F-2B training squadron and an Air Rescue Wing.

Decal Option:
JASDF 4th AW, 11th Sq., "Blue Impulse," 2016, Matsushima AB.

KC-767J & E-767 AWACS (2 kits) Limited Edition       
1/200 TH Scale
Stock Number: HSGS0802
Mfg. Number: 10802
Pieces: 60 / 50
Airborne Early Warning and Control planes are constantly on the front lines of any conflict. Their massive rotating radar dishes allow these aircraft to detect enemy forces from far further away than fixed, ground-based radar. Although they are generally very fuel-efficient, they can't stay aloft forever. To extend their loiter time, many Air Forces use tanker aircraft in tandem with the AWACS units to provide aerial refuelling. This limited edition kit combo contains new aerial refuelling boom parts plus four decal sets for JASDF aircraft.

Decal Options:
KC-767J: JASDF 1TAG 404SQ Code: 602 (87-3602)
KC-767J: JASDF A.D.T.W. Code: 601 (87-3601) February, 2008
E-767: JASDF Airborne Early Warning Group Code: 502 April 2005
E-767: JASDF Airborne Early Warning Group Code: 503 April 2005

F-16D (Block 52 Advanced) Fighting Falcon "Tiger Meet" (2 kits) Limited Edition   
1/72 nd scale
Mfg. Number: 02214
Pieces: 99 / 99

There are only a dozen F-16D aircraft in the Polish Air Force inventory, but they provide an outsized contribution to the fighting effectiveness of that force. F-16s are amongst the lighter, more manoeuvrable, and more resilient aircraft in the US and world inventory. Tiger Meets are, as the name suggests, gatherings of fighter squadrons who have a tiger as part of their squadron crest. This limited edition kit combo features special tiger-stripe liveries for the Polish Air Force Falcons at the 2013 and 2014 Tiger Meets.

Decal Options:
Polish A.F. Code: 4082 2013
Polish A.F. Code: 4084 2014

A-10C Thunderbolt II "104th Fighter Squadron" Limited Edition  
1/72nd scale
Mfg. Number: 02216
Pieces: 126

The Maryland Air National Guard's 175th Fighter Wing became the first National Guard unit to add the A-10 Thunderbolt II to its fleet in 1979. Nearly forty years later, the 175th and the A-10 are still going strong! The 175th was the first to convert to upgraded, "precision engagement" A-10C Thunderbolt IIs, and its 104th Fighter Squadron was the first to fly it in combat, circa 2007.

Decal Option:
Maryland ANG 175th FW, 104th FS, Code: MD640

Dornier Do215B-4 "Oberkommando der Luftwaffe" Limited Edition     
1/48TH Scale
Mfg. Number: 07443
Pieces: 205

Variants of the Do 215 were used as night fighters, light bombers, and like the one, as a recon aircraft. The "Oberkommando der Luftwaffe" or Luftwaffe high command used the photo-recon version of the Do 215 for long range missions to find and record enemy positions. Of the 105 Do 215s found only one surviving example has ever been found. This limited edition kit features two sets of decals for aircraft from 1940.

Decal Options:
Luftwaffe Aufkl.Gr. Ob.d.L Code: PK+EH 1940
Luftwaffe Aufkl.Gr. Ob.d.L Code: PK+EM 1940

These kits should be out in August of this year – check out the Hasegawa website for more info on all of their kits.