Tuesday, September 13

MENG’s tunin’ heads with its new internal set for the 35th King Tiger, today - the turret

Well, it’s truly a heavyweight battle isn’t it? ...Apart from Zvezda’s King Tiger, you have older kits like Tamiya and Dragon getting back into the competition – MENG has an answer to Takom’s KT in the form of an interior set – and they seem to be trying to outdo each other – the modeller wins! Let’s see the second part of what Meng are promising in their new interior set…

Coming in October from MENG

German Heavy Tank Sd. Kfz.182 King Tiger (Henschel Turret) Interior Set
If the heavily armoured chassis is the King Tiger’s claws, then the turret is its sharp teeth. MENG’s King Tiger and its corresponding interior set will show the complete structure inside the turret.

The Henschel turret is fitted with a powerful KwK 43 L/71 gun.

The 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 is the most fearsome part of the King Tiger.
The turret basket has many interesting features. Spare periscopes and a storage box of the co-axial machine gun with spare barrels are also provided.
There are many more details for you to explore inside the turret.
Among the ammunition stored in the turret bustle, there are normal APC and HVAP rounds and also then rare HEAT rounds.
Details on the top of the turret are also precisely reproduced. The commander’s cupola structure is also realistically represented.
The turret rear hatch has an interesting structure and here it is captured faithfully.
The TS-031 King Tiger kit includes two different gun mantlets.
Part I - the Hull interior article

OK - so that's the latest update so far - more as we know it about this new kit from Meng - until then keep an eye on their website to see what's new.