Tuesday, September 27

MiniArt's All Japan Hobby Show reveals a new T-54-1: Video & features in our preview...

The T-54-1 tank with full interior is on the way from Miniart. This tank is a very popular model of the T-54 family, and due to hit the zeitgeist of post-WWII Soviet armour that seems to be in fashion right now. We have video and some images of what's coming in our preview…

MiniArt’s new T-54-1 Soviet Medium Tank w/ full Interior @ All Japan Hobby Show…
September 23, 2016 - September 25, 2016 – photos from the 56th All Japan Model&Hobby Show 2016, where MiniArt was presented their models at the GSI Creos Corporation stand. 
Miniart took the opportunity to announce their new Soviet Medium T-54-1 with full interior kit.

T-54-1 Soviet Medium Tank w/ full Interior
From Miniart Models
Product No# 37003
Model Details:
1033 Total Details
914 Plastic Parts
14 Clear Plastic Parts
105 Photo Etch Parts
Workable Torsion Bars
Driver Compartment Interior
Full Ammunition
V-54 Engine
Fighting Compartment Interior
All Hatches Can Be Assembled Open or Closed
Highly Detailed Interior of the Turret
Decals Sheet for 3 Options
The original T-54-1 history:
The first prototype of the Obiekt 137 left the factory No. 183 in Nizhny Tagil in July 1945 and its tests were conducted between July and November of this year. Though suffering from teething problems, the new tank was accepted for service in the Soviet Army April 29, 1946 and its production began in Nizhny Tagil in the same year, then in Kharkov in 1947. Around 700 T-54-1 were built until 1949. However, the T-34/85 continued to be widely produced until 1950, the T-54 is not entirely satisfactory. To distinguish it from later versions, the first model of the T-54 was later renamed T-54-1 and T-54 model 1946.

It has a turret reminiscent of the T-34-85s, with prominent, undercut shot traps. This example has the fender machine gun boxes replaced with fuel tanks. Here is a drawing of the turret of the T-54 model 1946.

Production of the initial series of T-54s began slowly, as 1,490 modifications were made. The Red Army received a tank that was superior to World War II designs and theoretically better than the newest tanks of potential opponents. The 100 mm gun fired BR-412 series full-calibre APHE ammunition, which had superior penetration capability when compared to the T-34 that it replaced.

The serial production version was designated as the T-54-1, and it differed from the second T-54 prototype. It had thicker hull armour (80 mm on the sides, 30 mm on the roof and 20 mm on the bottom). As production ramped up, quality problems emerged. Production was stopped and an improved T-54-2 (Ob'yekt 137R) version was designed. This led to the 1949 variant, which Miniart will be making later we are reliably told…

Difference between the T-54-1 Mod 1946  & the soon to be announce  Mod '49 variant

A picture of the original T-54-1. It has a turret reminiscent of the T-34-85s, with prominent, undercut shot traps. This example has the fender machine gun boxes replaced with fuel tanks.

MiniArt’s video, showing the feature set of their new, full interior kit.
This kit will be available very soon from MiniArt’s distributors from around the world.