Wednesday, September 7

"Naval" gazers & lovers of good kits will like Revell’s new items for September

Revell of Germany’s new Items for September have some nice surprises for us. Three different but very cool looking ships with a bunch of other military and even a Beetle. Let’s have a look in our preview…

Revell’s September 2016 new Kit Preview

1/300th scale
Product number# 05143
Length 433 mm
number of parts 235
A model construction kit of a German Navy multi-role combat ship whose main role is anti-submarine warfare.

Features of this model
- Two-piece hull
- Sea Sparrow guided missiles
- 76 mm Gun
- Harpoon guided missiles
- Torpedo launch systems
- Westland Sea Lynx Helicopter
Authentic decal set for following versions of this Frigate:
- F207 Bremen
- F208 Niedersachsen
- F209 Rheinland-Pfalz
- F210 Emden
- F211 Köln
- F212 Karlsruhe
- F213 Augsburg
- F214 Lübeck

1/350th scale
Product number# 05144
Length 718mm
number of parts 2085
A model construction kit of the legendary Bismarck. At that time the largest and most modern battleship in the world. The “Black Edition” has some of the most refined extras you will see on a kit of this scale – definitely one of the best kits in any scale of this Battleship.

Model Features:
Includes a large array of photo-etched parts
- Including metal tubing for the gun barrels
- Including self-adhesive wooden decking
- Metal anchor chain
- Four fully detailed 38 cm gun turrets
- Twelve 15 cm guns
- Sixteen 10.5 cm ack-ack guns
- Search-lights with transparent parts
- Ten lifeboats
- Two Arado 196 Seaplanes with glass cockpits
- Two fully detailed cranes
- Display stand
- Camouflage scheme instructions and decal sets for two operational theatres

Product number# 03248
1/35th Scale
Length 170mm
number of parts 460

A model construction kit of what in soldier’s jargon was called the Stuka on foot (because of its whistling sound similar to that of the Ju 87 Stuka) referring to an armoured personnel carrier fitted with Wurfrahmen 40 (launch frame 40).
Model Features:
- Single link tracks
- Engine
- Launch frame 40
- 280 mm Explosive projectile
- 320 mm Flame throwing projectile
- Decal sets for two versions: German Army (Wehrmacht), Unknown Unit, Russia, 1941-42

Product number# 07681
1/32nd Scale
Length 130mm
number of parts 24
An easy to build model construction kit of the world famous VW Beetle which was an important part of life for many generations. Today, this cult car is also loved by people who had never driven one.

Model Features
- Rotating wheels
- Decal set with a variety of registration plates.(D, F, NL, A, CH, GB, I, E)

Product number# 05145
1:72nd Scale
Length 444 mm
number of parts 117
Stunningly fast. Magnificently luxurious. Exquisite design. A model construction kit of a 32-metre long luxury yacht topping all superlatives.
Model Features:
- Two-part hull with bow thruster
- Deck includes wooden structure and many other details
- The upper deck has a complete representation of interior details (main saloon and cockpit)
- Fully detailed bar at the stern
- Sun beds
- Faithfully reproduced windlasses
- Tinted windows
- Faithfully reproduced radar unit
- Three fully detailed Arneson surface drives
- Display stand

Product number# 02533
1/72nd Scale
number of figures 50
number of parts 50
A set of figures depicting a special unit of the former Soviet Army.
- Soldiers carrying AK-74 and AKS-74 weaponry
- Snipers
- Kneeling soldiers with anti-tank weapons
- 9P54M anti-aircraft missile

Product number# 02522
1:72nd Scale
number of figures 50
number of parts 50
A set of figures of a Special Unit of the German Armed Forces trained for operations abroad.
Figures included in this set are: 
- Depicting soldiers on patrol with the G36 assault rifle
- Snipers
- Bomb disposal members
- trained military guard dogs
- Suspicious persons? (A person holding his hands up to be searched)
These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.