Saturday, September 17

Panda Hobby's built up Bumerang - Preview of the VPK-7829 APC in 35th scale

“Quick Batman – get to the Bumerang” is not anything you might hear anytime soon – but it sure does sound about right. This new APC from the Russian federation was unveiled with a lot of other new military tech on their recent Victory Day Parade. Panda has captured it here in plastic and we thought we would show you the test kit all built up in a preview...

New kit in 35th scale in October 2016 from Panda Hobby

Bumerang APC VPK 7829
From: Panda Hobby
1/35th scale
Kit No# PH35026
Injection moulded kit with Phot Etch, Metal towing cable and Vinyl tyres.
Expected in October

Panda Hobby has made a new version of the BTR Object 693 Kurganet-25 that is due out in October. This 35th scale kit has been sent to us in picture form so we thought we would have a closer look – but for those with no prior knowledge of this new AFV we have a brief history… (of its brief history)

The real thing: Armoured personnel carrier VPK-7829 Bumerang
Bumerang (Russian: Бумеранг, Boomerang) is an amphibious wheeled armoured personnel carrier being developed for the Russian Army.

The new Boomerang armoured personnel carrier (VPK-7829) is set to replace the BTR-82/A, a heavily modernized variant of the 1980s-designed BTR-80, which features improved armour, a new engine, night vision and advanced communications systems.

Designers and military spokesmen have been tight-lipped regarding the machine, although it is claimed that the new design will be "nothing like any of the modern APCs." The 8x8, front-engine design features ceramic armour technology, including anti-tank grenade and anti-mine protection, has a crew of three, and can be fitted with a 30 mm anti-materiel or armour-piercing cannon, a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.

In addition to its role as a troop carrier, the multi-role vehicle will be capable of serving as an anti-tank missile carrier, an air defence missile launcher, an armoured ambulance, a command post vehicle, a fire-support vehicle and a mortar carrier. 

The protection levels of the Boomerang APC will be much higher than its predecessors. This is ensured by the special shape of the vehicle's bottom and the internal layout, in particular, the suspension of crew seating toward the vehicle's ceiling.

Most of these pictures came from here – a great place to look for reference...

The kit:
This new 35th scale kit of the VPK-7829 Bumerang Armoured personnel carrier from Panda Hobby is a detailed looking kit, we do not know too much about it as of yet but this test kit has been made up to show you the quality of the plastic.Lots of detail here with what looks like a minimum of photo-etched parts.

The rear section of the APC is seen with a door that can open or close - probably with a bare bone of interior we would think - note here the propulsion jets for the water-borne elements of the fording capabilties of this vehicle...

The large tyres on the sides are represented with vinyl tires - We like what we see - but like em or hate 'em, we are sure if you don't alternatives will be made.

The frontal composite armoured hull is seen in all it's bolted on glory here - plenty of large features to pick out in the weathering process.

The top deck with turret is shown in this view - note the opening hatches of the engine and the driver's compartment.

The V shape of the hull is seen here as well as the suspension and again the wheel/tyre combo. Again prety close to the real thing and plenty to pick out..

Plenty of bottom of the hull detail here also - hopefully, we won't be sing many of these overturned  on the battlefield - but just in case...

Here we have a completed comparison with something that might be a compadre on the field, It is pretty big in it's own right isnt it?

Well, that is all we have right now until this kit’s release - We will keep you abreast of news this kit from Panda-Hobby in the future.