Wednesday, October 5

AMMO turning up the MAX FACTOR with their new “Oilbrusher” system

We have been waiting for a while to see the news from AMMO, they have been promising a revolution in modelling, and this is the first part. Their new “Oilbrusher” system of oil colours and applications. Kinda reminds us of a make-up counter – have a look in our preview for the launch video and the “how-to” vid to see more about this new product…

AMMO’s New Oilbrusher range

AMMO’s new “Oilbrusher” range of oil colours is with us. There are twenty-one new colours in all – they also have their own stand. Let’s look at the videos showing how this product comes and how it applies…
The new AMMO branded “Oillbrusher” is a new formula of oil paint in an interesting new applicator. It looks to replace some of your older oils and bring about a new technique of shading and rendering your kits. 

As you can see, each Oilbrusher features a clear tube, the anti-leak system (a valve) and a fine brush applicator ready to use the paint straight out of the bottle. Ammo has provided 21 shades of their most popular colours for use with AFV, Aircraft and Gundam models.

The Oilbrusher works in a similar way to the normal oil paint you might have already but is ready to be used in the model out of the tube without removing the excess oil carrier that often comes with the tube paints you are used too.
Another bonus of this system of application is that the jars are clear, so you can see the real colours inside the bottle.
Each bottle has its own brush, so it saves you time with clean-up (and some mess) in switching shades brush.
Oilbrusher oils also dry a bit faster than normal oils do, and if you let it dry for more than 24 hours you don't need to seal it. However, if you want extra protection in case you want to add more effects in your model, just seal it with satin or matt varnish (acrylic or enamel varnish)

Here is how to use the Oilbrusher in a video demo
 You can now pre-order these new oils and sets at a special price until the end October.

21 Oilbrushers Collection
55,00 €

Single colours
Oil paint with fine brush applicator.
2,76 €

Check out more about the new product or even get one for yourself at the AMMO Website