Saturday, October 22

Masterbox’ new kits of November/December 2016 are old & new fashioned at the same time..

Masterbox have offered us three new kits for December that are very different from the usual fare. The Great War – right up until the futuristic world of fashion are the range of diversity – did someone say diversity? Japanese maids will sort that category out…

Masterbox’ new kits of November/December 2016:

“British and German Cavalrymen, WWI era”
1/35th scale.
Kit No# 35184
This new kit in the WWI series continues a new line in production of Master Box figures relating to the subject of the war 100 years ago, the First World War. The story of the kit reflects the events of early period of the war when warring Armies were not yet dug in to trenches – the early flourishes of that war still saw cavalry engagements in battles of maneuvering. The action in this kit features an encounter of the famous German Black Hussar and British Dragoons.

The kit figures can be assembled and painted in 2 different variants that are shown in the assembly instruction on the rear side of packing box.

The figures look very realistic and dramamitic, they interact with each other in a dynamic fashion. The story of the kit is very emotional it sure will create some drama on the diorama.

“Maid café girls. Nana and Momoko”
1/35th scale.
Kit No# 35186

On our recent trip to Japan we noticed something different – in the very busy (model shop laden) Akihabara town in Tokyo, you can enjoy the pleasure of being served in a “Maid café” by young ladies dressed up as dolls and maids. This type of café is now becoming very popular in Japan and now it has attracted attention of not only the natives, but also the visitors of the country as well.

We suppose you could make a bunch of things from these two figures, many scenarios fit into our far-ranging minds, but the one on the box says that these two ladies are from the maid cafe – that’s our story and we are sticking to it! You can paint these two ladies up in any fashion you desire, Let the mind run free!
“Maid café girls - Nana and Momoko”
1/35th scale.
Kit No# 35187

There are plenty of odd and very interesting things in Japan – Fashion is yet another way that this country is fascinating for people not native to the country. This new kit from Masterbox called “Kawaii fashion leaders - Minami and Mai” captures two young Japanese style conscious ladies “Kawaii fashion” girls. Masterbox likes to keep up with the fashions and now they are cutting edge with these two “models” in 35th scale

The kit consists of 2 figures of young girls dressed exactly in this style. Mastebox noticed that now the interest in such subjects is extraordinary high among some of the modelling community, and they have broadened their focus and responded to the demands of the market with pleasure.

Our girls turned out to be rather attractive and we are sure that the work with these figures will give a lot of pleasure to the modellers and the modellers will both do single figures from this kit and create the whole dioramas with their use – certainly something for the imaginative amongst us all...

This kit will be available through all of Masterbox’s distributors in December this year…