Sunday, October 16

More new pictures of Bandai’s HUGE new 1/6th scale Stormtrooper figure model preview…

On seeing some of the newest pictures of the actual kit of the 6th scale Stormtrooper from Bandai we thought you would be interested to know more about him – just before you try to get your hands on one for Christmas release…
Imperial Stormtrooper
Bandai Models
1/6th scale
Expected release in November/ December 2016
Expected Price 7,020 yen / $USD67
We thought we would show you these officially just released facts and brand new pictures of this larger scale Stormtrooper from Bandai. There were hints/ pictures of this kit on its announcement at the Japanese hobby show this year in October...We had seen a large scale Star Destroyer also that never came to fruit - but it looks like this kit WILL be released.
The Stormtroopers were always a fan favourite - they were always pretty cool in the first, second and third movies (sorry the 4th, 5th & 6th) they are an Icon of the Star Wars series and an easy, probably safe first kit in this larger scale…
The new Bandai 1/6 Scale Stormtrooper will be approximately 30.5 centimetres tall, and set to be released in December 2016 at an expected price of 7,020 yen (about € 61.30/ USD$67) Here is a comparison with the well known 12th scale kit a lot of you may already have.
Again, this kit is meant to be snap assembled, and then upon assembly fully articulate – you can see some of the features such as the feet are but so they “flex” and appear to bend. This might annoy some who want a better model – but putty and paint fixes this.
You can move him from pose to pose - like this…
Seriously now - This 1/6th scale version from Bandai comes with three weapons, a choice of several different hand parts, and a base square for him to stand on. We are hoping this one sells well so there is yet more choice to come from Bandai.
Weapons include the E-11 blaster rifle, DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle and the SE-14r short-range combat pistol so you can further customize your trooper and suit him to the scene.
There is also a choice of various hand parts various hand parts, pointing, clenched as a fist, palm open. This will help you show him in plenty of situations. Lastly, also included is a display base - we have not seen this as of yet.
The body of the model kit’s joint motion can be moved in any way to reproduce the action of the trooper in many different angles and body poses. This further gives you the choice of customizing your own figure.

Accessories that come with this kit…
Backpack × 1
Shoulder pads × 1
Small pack × 3
E-11 blaster × 1
DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle × 1
SE-14R short-range Combat Pistol × 1
Hand parts × 6 types (holding the weapons × 2 · palm open × 2 · right fist × 1 · left pointing × 1)
This kit will be available in December – we hope – as we said the price is not too steep and it’s a great present for a modeller stuck at someone else’s house for the Christmas weekend 

Check out the Bandai Website for more on this kit and all their other releases that you have to track down from Asian model shops in the future…