Sunday, October 9

Revell’s Gorch Fock & Knutschkugel – oww, & all their releases till 2017 in our preview…

Revell of Germany's new models for release in October – they have sent us details of them with built up shots, but more importantly, they have shown us a hint of their releases till the end of the year. Check them out in our preview...

 Revell's 3 October new releases & schedule for Autumn 2016

Product number 05417
1:150th Scale
Height 360 mm
length 584 mm
number of parts 524
A model construction kit of probably the most famous ship of the German Navy, the sail training ship Gorch Fock .

- Pre-assembled shrouds
- Two-piece hull
- Fully detailed decks
- Motorboats and lifeboats
- Fully detailed cabin structures
- Helm and ventilation shafts
- Masts with structured yard arms
- Sail with canvas structuring
- Includes yarn for static and running ropes
- Display stand
- Flag chart on paper
- Authentic decal set

Product number #07030
1:16th Scale
length154 mm
number of parts94
An easy to build model construction kit of the legendary BMW Isetta out of the period of the German economic miracle. In the colloquial, it as affectionately known as the Knutschkugel or Smooch-ball.
 - Opening door with attached steering column
- Rotating wheels
- 250 cc engine
- Decal set with a diversity of number plates (D, GB, F, NL, CH, B, A, I, S)

Product number #03949
Length 330 mm
number of parts 228
wingspan 231 mm
The Eurofighter is one of the most advanced Multi-Role Combat Aircraft. In the air superiority role, it is optimized for both long-range and close air combat. The Eurofighter also has extended capabilities in the air to ground role. For Tiger Meet 2014 Taktlwg (Tactical Air Wing) 74 in Neuburg presented a Eurofighter in a truly fantastic livery and thus won one of the coveted awards.

- Detailed ejection seat
- Detailed Cockpit
- Moving Canards
- Detailed air intakes
- Thrust nozzles in two configurations
- Detailed air-brake flap
- Detailed undercarriage
- Air-to-air refuelling probe
- Two external fuel tanks
- External load pylon's
- Extensive range of guided weapons included in the kit
- Super decal set with decor-panels for the Bronze Tiger version

We also have on hand a brief look at Revell’s Autumn 2016 releases. Ther are releasing many new models from categories aircraft, helicopter, cars, military, ships catagories - here are the highlights...

F-4J Phantom US Navy
Product Number: 03941
Scale: 1:72
Availability: 11/2016 
Product Number: 04953
Scale: 1:72
Availability: 11/2016
P-70 Nighthawk
Product Number: 03939
Scale: 1:72
Availability: 10/2016 
Spitfire Mk.Vc
Product Number: 03940
Scale: 1:48
Availability: 11/2016
Fast Attack Craft Albatross Class 143
Product Number: 05148
Scale: 1:144
Availability: 10/2016
Product Number: 05037
Scale: 1:570
Availability: 10/2016
VW Beetle “Police”
Product Number: 07035
Scale: 1:24
Availability: 11/2016
Warrior MCV with Add-on Armour
Product Number: 03144
Scale: 1:72
Availability: 10/2016
Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe
Product Number: 03215
Scale: 1:76
Availability: 10/2016
M7 HMC Priest
Product Number: 03216
Scale: 1:76
Availability: 10/2016
Sd.Kfz. 11 + Pak 40
Product Number: 03252
Scale: 1:76
Availability: 11/2016
Gift Set 100 Years BMW
Product Number: 05738
Scale: 1:24
Availability: 11/2016
Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa
Product Number: 03938
Scale: 1:144
Availability: 11/2016
The October kits are now available, whereas future releases should be coming as seen in the dates above – ALL of these items are available to see on Revell’s Website.