Thursday, October 13

Two new “In Action” 1/35th scale Wehrmacht resin figures just released from Qing Yi Miniatures.

Neucraft has just sent news of two new very active German mid-war era soldiers from Qing Yi Miniatures. These two are sold as a set and as singles, and they look like they are doing far more than posing at the side of a tank! Let’s look at them in our preview…

New set & Single figures in 1/35th scale figures from Qing Yi Miniatures

We just released two new 1/35 scale figures from Qing Yi Miniatures. They are two German soldiers in mid-war uniforms, particularly the ankle boots distinguish them from early war German soldier figures already available on the market. The two German soldiers are in mid-war uniforms and both are wearing ankle boots. They are in fighting poses, which makes them ideal for creating a combat scene.

We are told that future 1/35 figures from Qing Yi Miniatures will mostly follow the same design philosophy – “recreating dynamic combat scene”.

Both figures only have four parts each figure and assembly is very simple.

WWII German Army Soldier Throwing Grenade 
Kit No# QY35001
1/35th scale
4 parts in grey resin
This soldier of the Wehrmacht is seen trying to “mash” the enemy with his “Potato Masher” or Model 43 Stielhandgranate in an action pose where he is not standing, posing or looking on, but using his weapon. We see a lot of soldiers not doing much fighting, so an addition like this will suit people who want to build “in Action” Dioramas.

Here are some soldiers unleashing the pain in some WWII era photos
His is made from four parts of grey resin, so an easy construction…

He not only has a stick grenade in his hand, but one in his boot also – the Kar.98 rifle in his other hand and his short boots make me think you could place him anywhere in the middle WWII period in an action dio pretty much without anyone saying “errrmmm”
You can see from the look behind on his belt that he is pretty weighted down with what would be a typical soldier’s load. Gas mask canister, entrenching tool, water flask, canteen and bread bag as well as a roll up tent or bedding are all there to add detail to his look.
He really does remind me of some of the really good soldiers we might have gotten as children – but those were never as detailed as this figure. His face shows a lot of expression and he could well be yelling or screaming as he throws his present at the enemy.

WWII German Army MG34 Machine Gunner
Kit No# QY35001S
1/35th scale
4 parts in grey resin
This man is “prone” (geddit) to fire his Maschinengewehr 34 any time now. He is like his comrade – also seen either at the ready or firing at the enemy. His uniform and equipment options and the MG 34 denote him as either an early or mid-war era soldier.

You can see here some soldiers of the Wehrmacht in similar poses through the war.
He is made from four parts in grey resin. His gun and bipod stand, entrenching tool and then the body make up this kit.
You can see that, like his comrade, he is decked out with all of the normal gear of a German infantryman. M43 steel helmet, short hobnailed boots, gas mask canister, water flask, canteen and bread bag as well as a roll-up tent or bedding are all there to add detail to his look.
His MG 34 is seen with the canister style ammunition drums attached. You can see many pictures of this and the belt style ammo on these guns, but less figures with the drum style ammo.

WWII German Soldier Set #1
Kit No# QY35001S
1/35th scale
8 parts in grey resin
These two figures make up the first set of what we are thinking will be many more “In Action” poses from not only German but many other soldiers for dynamically posed dios. Let’s hope there are more like this!
and here they are painted up
These two kits can be bought from the Neucraft Models website. 
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