Wednesday, November 23

Bandai’s "Rogue One” kits continue with a new TIE Striker in 72nd scale…

To add to the other “Rogue One” Star wars injection moulded kits comes the news that Bandai is also making the new “TIE Striker” atmospheric fighter in 72nd scale along with key points and images so take a look at this new kit in our preview…
New “TIE Striker” spacecraft from Bandai in January 2017…

"TIE Striker" Bandai Models
1/72nd scale
Expected Release January 2017
price ¥ 2,592 yen
Product Link
Bandai has already shown us their new TIE Striker in 72nd scale at the all-Japan model show. It will be in good company with the other fighters from the Star Wars series in the same scale – It is sure to be popular with those “Rogue One” enthusiasts…but hold on a minute –  what is a TIE Striker some viewers might ask???

The TIE Striker:
TIE Striker is a streamlined variant of the classic TIE fighter design, it is designed for atmospheric patrols over important Imperial ground-based installations. The versatile design can also soar into space, where it can accompany traditional TIE fighters in chasing down enemy starships.
The TIE Striker featured flat, pointed wings, which were specially designed for in-atmosphere combat. The starfighter was also useful for shifting supplies and personnel from orbit to the planet surface, thanks to a larger central pod. Though designed for atmosphere, it could also function in space and accompany traditional TIE fighters. Equipped with advanced high-speed wings, it was faster than the standard TIE/LN starfighter and had an extra pair of laser barrels. The TIE Striker was able to gain speed by curling down its flat wings, engaging from flight mode to attack mode.
The TIE Strikers notably defended the Imperial military installation on the planet Scarif during a Rebel attack that was part of the Rebel mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire's deep-space mobile battle station capable of destroying entire planets.
The TIE Striker was first revealed on May 17, 2016, in a preview for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: The Official Visual Story Guide, a cancelled reference book for the film.
A little more about the feature set on this kit
Wings can be swung up and down to suit fighter's attitude to target.
Details of the kit are quite fine and attractive to weather.
Display base and stand included, turbo lasers + laser beam effects for optional firing scenario in a diorama + a 1/72nd scale pilot (seated)
Canopy can be posed open or closed (frame × 3 ·and clear parts × 3)
These kits will be available in January 2017from Bandai’s distributors