Monday, November 21

Get on the "Thunder model" train this January for their new German Gedeckter Güterwagen G10

“Thunder Model” has been on our early warning radar for a while. They are releasing a new kit to follow up their Hetzer recovery tank and Case Vai Tractor. Now we have the most common railcar during WWII. This covered wagon looks pretty good for dioramas and any scenic models. Let's have a look at what is coming in CAD form...

Thunder model new release for January 2017

German Gedeckter Güterwagen G10
From: Thunder Models
1/35th scale
Expected release date: January 2017
The new German Gedeckter Güterwagen G10 (Covered Freight Car) was the main source of transportation for all the goods that criss-crossed Europe in the time of WWI and a while after that. These covered wagons transported civilian and military personnel and goods. For a lot of people, they were also tied to the extermination camps of that era as one of the ways to transport people to the death camps.
These rail freight cars cargo space is formed from a closed by the side walls and the roof box. These cars are primarily used for transport of goods used to be protected against the weather, loss or theft. In addition, however, they were also used for the mass transport of people - mainly armies or paramilitary organizations they used for troop transport. Covered goods wagons are used mainly for cargo transport and are almost as old as the railway in Europe itself. As piece goods were mostly transported cargo in the beginnings of the railway network, the boxcar being the most important goods wagon type.
This model from "Thunder Model" is a new tooled kit in 35th scale. The "G-Wagen" as it is often called, is seen here in CAD form before it is turned into plastic.
Hopefully, we see the tracks and railway "furniture" to go with this kit. Hopefully, as well we see this kit with posable doors that open and close.
You can find out more about Thunder Models and their products on their Website