Friday, November 11

Pla Editions new series of books "Defence Now" launches with the help of modern Russian Air Power.

Pla Editions – the guys who have brought us the modern military model magazine "The Abrams Squad" are branching out into books, & in their first edition of the "Defence Now" series of books covering air, land and sea. Let's have a look at the first book in the series...and what would the subject be? Something modern, but this time aircraft – and specifically Russian Air Power. Let's have a look...

Pla Editions "Defence Now" books in Preview
Vol I: Russian Air power

Pla Editions are a publishing company specialized in today’s military power that have been producing magazines and books about scale models and defence. Thier new line of books, called "Defence Now" has been created by bringing together two professional teams:

On the one hand Pla Editions team, producers, publishers and distributors of the modelling magazine “ABRAMS SQUAD” (The modern modelling magazine)”. On the other hand, the directors of Spanish Magazines “Fuerza Aerea” (Air Force), “Fuerza Naval” and “Fuerza Terrestre”. These reference magazines have been available on the Spanish market for over two decades. This union has resulted “Defense Now” the best book collection covering modern armies ever published.
"Defence Now" is a new modern military books collection. These books encompass in three major blocks: Air, Sea & Land. The publishers have finally collected and arranged work from many years of research, interviews, reports and internal knowledge on the most powerful and innovative armed forces from every corner of the globe.

All this has resulted in a set of definitive and essential works for everyone interested in today’s military power.

• Exclusive information
• New and unpublished pictures
• First-hand interviews
• Access to restricted data

Their main goal is to provide the reader with the definitive “reference and news”
books covering the modern defence industry. They have had the help of soldiers and ex-soldiers, embassies, defence ministries, national and international military bases, global organisations, defence units, military fans, experts and scholar of military technology and contemporary innovation.
In the first title in the series Pla Editions introduce reports on the primary Russian aerospace companies including Sukhoi, Mikoyan, Antonov ASTC, Kamov, etc.

Defence Now 01
Russian Air Power
English / Spanish versions available
Reference: DN01ENG
Format A4
Cover softbound
160 pages
Price: 25€
Defence now is a new modern military books collection. The first title is devoted to Russian Air Power. A comprehensive guide of the current Air Forces of Russia: Missions, Organization, Aircraft, etc.
The most updated and complete guide related to extraordinary Russian Air Power in all aspects: bombers, fighters, attack and transport helicopters, air maritime, submarine patrol, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, special missions, etc.
This book is now available for Pre-order on the Pla Editions Website.