Tuesday, December 13

Masterbox trolling the modelling world with two of their three January releases

MasterBox has adapted an old favourite to make the kit cheaper, as well as adding two new kits to their "World of Fantasy" series of the weird and wonderful in 24th scale. Take a look to see what's new in our preview...

MasterBox's new kits of January/ February 2017:

"Crossroad, Eastern Front, WWII era"
1/35 scale
This is a kit from the Eastern front in WWII era, and it consists of 5 figures. The figures are divided into two groups of people. One, the German soldiers on patrol on a sidecar motorcycle, and the others, two figures of Soviet scouts that have a captured German officer and are holding him down and quiet to save their position being revealed by the German patrol. The story of the kit is very emotional, the tension is felt greatly in the figures and the spectator can make up their own mind as to how this situation will be resolved.

If this kit looks familiar to you -and you will be right - the kit is remake of old kit #3572 "Crossroad”, but it differs from the previous kit by a new illustration, a new design of the box and, what is the most essential, by absence of the parts for the assembly of the motorcycle in the kit, only figures are offered.
This gives Masterbox the opportunity to present the kit at a considerably more reasonable price, while you can choose from a variety of models of motorcycles of various kit manufacturers on the market will not create problems for the modeller in search of the best model of motorcycle to fit their own diorama.

The figures are animated very well, they interact with each other greatly, however, despite the fact that the figures are united by the single story, they can be used not only in the view that is offered by the manufacturer, but also separately, in any combination, at modeller’s choice.

"World of Fantasy. This is my land!"
1/24 scale
This kit continues the series of the figures in 1/24th scale in the futuristic fantasy style that is popular recently with modellers. The kit contains the parts for making 3 figures including: the figure of giant troll, the figure of a gnome and the figure of girl-warrior.
The kit is filled with bright emotion, the figures are united by the single story, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly.

"World of Fantasy. Giant. Bergtroll"
1/24 scale
This kit continues the series of the figures in 1/24 scale performed in Fantasy style that we have already seen in this preview and in the new MasterBox series "World of Fantasy"
Inside the box, we see parts for making the figure of giant troll, similar to the one in the other kit on preview in this article. Despite the fact that there is only one figure in the kit, it has a lot of expression in the face, and the body is well animated. This would be great for a scene inside a cave of the troll, and you can add figures (in whatever scale we think) you like to this Troll.

All of these three kits and everything else from MasterBox's releases will be with us in January/ February of 2017. Check out their website for more info on their models.