Thursday, December 1

Popular vehicles, aircraft & ships for Xmas with Revell’s new November items.

Revell of Germany’s new Items for November have the most popular German WWII Jet & tank, ships from the past & present, fast cars,smaller scale weapons, props, Phantoms, It's all there, so let’s have a look in our preview

Revell’s November 2016 new Kit Preview

Product number #04995
Scale 1:32nd
A model construction kit of the Me262 the first jet-powered aircraft of the Second World War. The Me262 was converted into a two-seater night fighter in order to combat attacking allied bombers.
- A choice of lowered flaps
- Replica Jumo 004 engines
- Movable ailerons and rudder
- Radar antennae
- Machine guns
- Detailed cockpit with side consoles
- Detailed Cockpit well in the undercarriage bay
- Detailed undercarriage
- 2 auxiliary fuel tanks
- Decal set for 2 German Luftwaffe versions

Product number #03249
Scale 1:35th
A model construction kit of the legendary Tiger II, also known as the King Tiger with the Henschel turret.
- Extensively modelled chassis with torsion bar suspension
- Easy to mount Vinyl tracks
- Rotatable turret
- Elevating gun
- Turret hatches can be mounted in the open or closed position
- Authentic decal set for two vehicles in German Service

Product number #04947
Scale 1:72nd
A model construction kit of the legendary Douglas DC-4 which after the 2nd World War pioneered international passenger transport. It was the first 4 engine aircraft designed for trans-Atlantic crossing to go into series production.
- Detailed cockpit
- Radio operators compartment with consoles
- A choice of cargo or passenger door
- Interior seats
- Separate take-off and landing flaps
- Sidewall details on the internal fuselage walls
- Detailed nose wheel
- Separate ailerons
- Detailed main undercarriage, 3 different wheel rims
- Rotatable propellers
- Detailed twin radial engines
- Super decal set containing 2 versions, Balair and Island Air

Product number #07028
Scale 1:24th
A model construction kit of this groundbreaking and very elegant sports car from Mercedes-Benz. It was developed entirely by AMG.
- Multi-part body
- Opening bonnet
- Can be built with either left or right-hand drive
- Decal set with a diversity of registration plates (D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH, RUS)

Product number #03940
Scale 1:48th
A model replica of the Spitfire Mk.Vc that was built from 1941 onwards with a more powerful engine.
Features of the model:
- Detailed cockpit
- Instrument panel
- Rotatable propeller
- Detailed undercarriage
- Separate rudder and flaps
- Separate door 
Decal set for two RAF versions 

Product number #03941
Scale 1:72nd
Model reproduction of the F-4J Phantom that served with the US Navy in both the interceptor and ground attack roles.
- Ejection seats
- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed undercarriage
- 2 auxiliary fuel tanks
- Wing pylons with bombs
- Sidewinder guided missiles
- Decal set for a US Navy version

Product number #05146
Scale 1:600
A model construction kit of the former American passenger liner which today still holds the Blue Ribband for being the fastest steamer on the trans-Atlantic route.
- One-piece waterline hull
- 24 life-boats
- Detailed superstructure
- 3 derricks
- Display stand
- Decal set

Product number #03216
Scale 1:76th
A model construction kit of a US Army Light Armoured Howitzer during the Second World War.
- Elevating gun barrel
- Easy to assemble Vinyl tracks
- Three soldier figures
- Diorama base
- Decal set for two versions

Product number #03252
Scale 1:76th
A model construction kit containing a 3-tonne towing tractor, an anti-tank gun 40 and an R75 motor-cycle.
- Soldiers
- Easy to assemble Vinyl tracks
- Motorcycle and sidecar
- Diorama base
- Decal set for two versions

Product number # 03952
Scale 1:72nd
A model replica of the Eurofighter Typhoon. In the air superiority role, the Typhoon is optimally configured to operate in both long range and close quarter combat.
- Ejection seat
- Cockpit
- Detailed engine intake area
- 2 exhaust nozzles
- Air brake flap
- Detailed undercarriage
- Flight refuelling probe
- 2 external tanks
- Guided missiles 
Super decal set for the TaktLwG 71 Richthofen special livery 

Product number #05819
Scale 1:450th
A model construction kit of the famous HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson's Flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar in the year 1805.
- Easy to build model
- Single piece masts
- Shrouds
- Adhesive sails
- Finely detailed hull
- Structured deck
- Canons
- Life boats 
Authentic decal set 
These new varied and pretty promising items will be available from Revell’s Distributors worldwide this month.