Thursday, January 12

Barracuda Studios four resin sets to match your new model releases

Roy Sutherland from Barracuda Studios has a quartet of model enhancements he has just released to add to some of the latest kits on the market, We thought we would show you what they are made of in today's new item preview...

Preview of Barracuda Studios Four New Releases

There are some great new kits that have been released recently, and Barracuda Studios already have some really cool detail sets in stock and ready to ship! Check out the super detailed wheel sets for three of these new kits.

The latest version of the Tu-22 Blinder from Modelsvit is also ripe for the Barracuda Studios Blinder Wheel and Exhausts. Barracuda would like to wish you a Happy New Year filled with cool new models, and the time to build some of them.

1:32nd scale
The impending release of the much desired 1:32nd Sopwith Camel series from WingNut Wings has WWI enthusiasts giddy with anticipation. Time to order your BarracudaCast Wicker seat, the perfect add-on to an already wonderful kit! Quick and easy to install, a coat of paint and a wash with final flat-coat and you are good to go!

Plain & Ribbed Hub Nosewheels
1:32nd scale
Revell has just released the brand new tooled 1:32 Me 262 B-1a/U1 night fighter kit. I have seen the sprues in person, and I can tell you, it is spectacular! Designed by Radu Brinzan, it is exhaustively researched and extremely accurate. The tooling is beautiful, and this promises to be a terrific kit. We have two sets of wheels for the Me 262 in this scale. The wheels are meticulously researched and recreated down to the tiniest details. Each set contains a choice of nosewheels, one with plain and one with treaded tires. Wire is supplied to recreate the brake cables on the main wheel hubs. A terrific detail upgrade that is quick and easy to install.

1:72nd scale
With the release of the all new full-steel tool 1:72 Fairey Barracuda from Special Hobby, the Barracuda is now even easier to build and more detailed than previous versions. One weak spot on this new kit is the main wheels. They are not very accurate, being seriously undersized, and having an almost square section tire instead of the proper balloon style tires. Barracudas resin wheels are thoroughly researched and full of amazing detail in this scale. Even the tire logo is readable! A very easy and noticeable upgrade for this very nice new Barracuda kit.

Hexagonal & Oval tread patterns
1:48th scale
With the release of the new P-51D from Meng (and the new P-51D from Airfix not too far off), the ageing Tamiya P-51D has finally been replaced with a better, more accurate and detailed kit. Say what you will about yet another Mustang in 1:48, these kits are long overdue and are sure to be very popular! Just a reminder that Barracuda Cast has two very nice wheel sets for the Mustang in 1:48. Available in both oval and hexagonal tread patterns, you can buy both and mix and match them. P-51Ds often had two different tires fitted at the same time. Wheels feature accurate see-through wheel hubs.

These new sets are now available from the Barracuda Studios Website.