Saturday, February 4

Italeri's Booth from the Nuremberg Toy show, 32nd scale F-35 preview & 2017 Catalogue

The Nuremberg Toy Show  is now in full swing, and lots of reports from the event are coming in - Today we show you Italeri's new items from the coming year, a great preview of their forthcoming large scale F-35 and those kits already available to see at their booth at the Spielwarenmesse 2017
Walkaround Nuremberg Toy Fair booths pt II - Italeri's Booth
Spielwarenmesse 2017
Where: Messezentrum Nürnberg (Nuremberg Exhibition Center)
Messezentrum 1 90471 Nuremberg, Germany
When: Date 2017: 1 February - 6 February 2017

In this article we will see both the catalogue and the actual new items from Italeri's releases in the coming year - along with current and previous kits, you should know a lot more about what they are bringing out in the coming year. Let's take a look.
Firstly their new kits in the flesh - cars...
World of Tanks/ Warships kits - (with those bonus codes Yeeehaa!)
Tanks & AFV's
 An upcoming S-boat
And then the new 32nd scale F-35....
From the press release about this kit...

Italeri are proud to show you the preview of our new incoming scale model kit dedicated to the fifth-generation all-weather multirole combat aircraft F-35A Lightning II 1/32 scale. Our new scale model kit will be presented, as Worldwide preview, during the important event “Toy Fair 2017” in Nuremberg that will start next week and it will be characterised by the highest quality standard and great care in details. It will be released on the market the first week of March. Just for our final quality control process, we had fun to use an unusual special testing colours to point out the occasion. We painted it in the same production colours before the “real” planes are assigned to the Air Forces to adopt the final livery. We would like to do it just to emphasise the “birth” of our new scale model kit from our production lines as it happens for the “real one”. Photo-etched fret inside the box and decal sheet for American, Italian, Australian, Israeli and Dutch versions.
Historical Profile
The JSF Joint Strike Fighter program was set up to develop a new fifth-generation all-weather multirole combat aircraft able to replace the existing United States and NATO strike-fighters. The aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin generated the single-seat, single-engine, F-35 Lightning II. It adopts stealth technology and it is characterised by the trapezoidal wings and by the use of the most advanced hi-tech materials and avionic systems. Developed to perform air superiority, close air support and ground attack missions, it has been designed in different configurations. The F-35A is the conventional takeoff and landing variant, the F-35B is the short takeoff and vertical landing variant and the F-35C, with foldable wings, has been developed to be used from conventional deck carriers. Thanks to its operational flexibility, the advanced on-board technology and the impressive project innovation, the F-35 lightning II will be a reference aircraft in the twenty-first-century military aviation.

Italeri 2017 Catalogue - We were lucky enough also to see the catalogue for the current and new releases from Italeri. These have a massive range of subjects that Italeri are well known for. We thought it would be good to include them in this Toy Show special.
Note the new items in the catalogue clearly marked...
Well that is all we can see in Italeri's imminent releases -  we will keep you updated this weekend of more insights from the show. If you can get there we would say then go for it – the show is open to the public now until the end of the weekend.