Saturday, February 25

(A not much to) build review - 35th scale "Zombie Sweeper Girl" from Mob Miniatures

Another new 1/35th scale resin figure from Mob Miniatures is up for review today – This time a scantily-clad warrior woman who hunts the zombies. If you are worried about the lack of clothing, well she has protection - a large gun strapped to her leg! Let's put the puns aside and look at this new figure from the Biochemical Frenzy series...
 Mob Miniatures "build" review:
"Zombie Sweeper Girl"
Mob Miniatures
1/35 scale
I piece resin figure kit
We have more for you today from a new figure from a company "Mob Miniatures." This company's figures are distributed by Neucraft Models, who sell many other good figures and sets, several we have reviewed here on TMN. This is the third in the line of the "Zombie" series, and we have already seen the Zombies of the series, now for the Zombie Hunters...
Now – Zombies are not my usual cup O tea… I’m not much into horror, but having been a fan of “The Walking Dead” and of course of movies like the Vincent Price/ Charleton Heston “Last Man on Earth” movies, I am more interested in these figures and the apocalyptic world they inhibit (not live in I suppose.) Why not take a look at these figures from this series?

The box - just like the others in this series, turned up looking very smart for 35th a scale figure.  Black stiff card/ cloth box with a magnet sealing the flap of the box so it stays closed “as if by Voodoo.” It’s certainly a very smart packaging for something so simple in scale. Kudos to Mob Miniatures for putting that extra effort into the boxes and the presentation of their kits. I like the “Zombies Inside!” and “Danger Biochemical Frenzy” warnings on the front, hinting at how these creatures came to be.
Once you open the box up there is a nice message to the modeller thanking them for the purchase, while inside the box the figure comes in a zip-loc bags, so you do not lose any parts (or in this case if something should break you keep it there). Not that there is much in the way of construction (or clothes) for this 35th scale figure.

The light grey resin that makes them up is nicely cast, however, there are some seam lines which I have left on so you can see them and what you are getting. The sculpting is very nice - the closer you get the more you see the sculptor's hand at work, and although this sculpt is not "clean" in that way - not the sharpest of lines, the stylised way the sculptor works is visible. His work reminds me of the figures from Stalingrad Miniatures - and that is a good thing.
This sculpt is made by Qing Yi, whose work we have seen before, and we are liking in what we have seen already. In the case of the box art, it is painted by “Fen” (one-word name – just Fen). This “Zombie Sweeper” is pre-constructed in just the single part in resin, sealed in the zip-loc bag and bubble wrap inside the box - she came out of the wrapping easily to reveal just the casting blocks that needed to be separated. We left them on for ease of handling in this review.
This Zombie hunter is either sexist men making a bikini-clad girl, or it is a strong woman kicking zombie asses - it's your own decision on this type of figure, and your right to like, or be offended in any case. We look at it like a figure, and we will comment on it as such. I can say if you don't like it then don't read the review, go do something else instead.

Saying all of that - this figure is many people's wet dream, great figure with hardly any gear on - I am not sure what advantages that gives you in a Zombie Apocolypse but this IS fantasy after all. Here she is all built up - well she was not ever in pieces so the construction time is not at all a thing with this kit...
She has all the fantasy cues of near to no clothes, a lean figure, a large pistol strapped to her right leg, military equipment and a mesh elbow guard (kick arse) - Ponytail A-la Lara Croft and a slightly Asiatic face. I know where most of the business will be coming from on this figure.
 The figure is wearing a military harness, with smoke bombs a water and two utility or ammo pouches on her left hip. These all sit off the body enough for you to paint her easily all together.
 This pistol-packing mama is pure fantasy - but that is what this genre is all about I think. I reckon she will please more modellers than not, anyone not liking the fact she is not wearing much just look at figures of muscle-bound barbarians or maybe have a look at their He-man figures... I think the only alteration I could make is her brandishing or shooting her gun - that would make her look more in control of the situation rather than just a lady with not so much on in a passive stance. Maybe we might see her kicking ass in the future.
Mob Miniatures also have several more survivors and zombie hunters to be released in the near future, so having these and the others in tour collection could give you a good choice of just how you want your zombie/ biohazard diorama to look. I liked this warrior - I think lots of others will as well.

Adam Norenberg

These two kits can be bought from the Neucraft Models website. Thanks to them for sending these two to us to make up in this review.
Neucraft Models offer flat rate shipping of USD$6 for any number of kits.
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Here she is painted by Fen (the box artist) - pretty cool, and you can colour her in any shades you like