Wednesday, March 1

Book Preview: Accion Press - "Landscapes of War. Vol.III - Rural Environments" for those who like to unwind in the countryside...

Accion Press – the people who bring us the much loved "Panzer Aces" magazine and the several books on modelling including "Greatest Aircraft Guide" & "Guide to Dioramas" volume I & II have now dropped the third book into the lineup – so more knowledge, inspiration and wonderfully recreated scenes await in "Landscapes of War. Vol.III - Rural Environments"

All new Landscapes of War from Accion Press...

Landscapes of War. Vol.III - Rural Environments
English or Spanish languages
Printed on 160 pages, A4 format
Reference no# LOW-03-EN
Pre-Order price 26,50 €
Accion Press just released its 3rd volume in the series dedicated to dioramas creation. This new number is focused on the rural environment. As usual two editions are available, both in English and in Spanish Language versions of the book. We have some info and pictures from Accion Press to let us know a little more about the book.

In previous instalments of the “Landscapes of War” series, the most important natural landscapes of WWII have been shown to the modeller. In this, the third instalment of “Landscapes of War” the publishers take a trip through the most important rural scenarios of European WWII. This book explains the use of the new materials which are readily available to the modeller for building realistic looking dioramas following the step by step processes described within it's pages.
The force and beauty of the rural world is still in abundance in these modern times, and these Idyllic rural settings are not neglected by a group of modellers who enjoy showing off their realistic representations and the hyper-detailing work needed to portray the countryside in miniature. Whether it be the military modeller in need of a scene, or the modern romantic idealist who wants to portray a rural setting, thanks to tools like this book, combined with the new techniques and materials currently available these scenes are now going to be a lot easier to reproduce. That is precisely the motivation behind this volume in the series. 

Modellers from three different European countries have combined their talents in this volume to portray the most pivotal and important rural scenarios of WWII. What makes this book so special is the wide range of new materials and tools employed and reviewed for the execution this kind of work.

This third instalment of “Landscapes of War” can be seen as a small treatise of European architecture on one hand and as a practical encyclopaedia for building dioramas on the other. This book deals with extruded polystyrene, balsa-foam, foam cardboard, wood, Plasticard and different brands of putty (Duro, A+B, SuperSculpey, Magic Sculp) along with the comprehensive step by step processes that explains in great detail the nature of the work you will see in front of you.
As an unexpected bonus, each of our three authors has chosen to portray the buildings in their scenes that are quite foreign to their own environments, so Frederik Astier (French) has made a German scenario, Volker Bembennek (German) has chosen a French scene, Javier Redondo (Spanish) has created an Italian building and Robert Doepp (German) makes a pretty standard bridge scene. All the works featured were made in the 1/35 scale with the exception of the last one mentioned that was made in the 1/6th scale.

Contents of "Landscapes of War. Vol.III - Rural Environments"
2.- Sniper
Germany- Spring 1945, by Frederik Astier

44.- A Vehicle-Vignette in Large Scale
Displaying the 1/9 Scale Zündapp KS 750, by Robert Döpp
62.- Solid Brick Wall
With moulds to create brick to brick

70.- Working with Styrodur
Buildings and bases for dioramas, by Volker Bembennek

Different ways of making stone walls

II Korpus Polski, Italy 1945, by Javier Redondo
150.- Biographies
158.- Thematic index

This new volume is now available to purchase online, with a special discounted price of € 26.50 - but only for a short time so get in there quick!