Friday, March 10

Bronco are building bridges with their new 35th T17E1 Staghound Mk.I W/ 12 foot Assault Bridge

Bronco releases their new kit of the much loved "Little" Staghound light-to-medium scout vehicle - but this time with some extra scaffolding - in the shape of a pretty rare temporary bridge laying variant. See what you think about Bronco's new kit and the possibilities the kit presents in our preview...

New from Bronco Models in April

T17E1 Staghound Mk.I W/ 12 foot Assault Bridge
from Bronco Models
1/35th Scale
photo-etch parts included
Decals for five versions available from the box.
Item no. #CB35115
T17E1 was an American armoured car design produced during the Second World War. It did not see service with front-line US forces but the latter was supplied, via the United Kingdom, to British and Commonwealth forces during the war and received the service name Staghound. A number of countries used the Staghound after the war, with some of the vehicles continuing to serve into the 1980s.

T17E1 Staghound Mk.I Statistics
Country of Origin/Used by: USA, UK & Commonwealth forces
First Produced/Service Dates: 1942
Manufactured by: Chevrolet
Crew: 5
Armament: Main:37mm Cannon; Co-Axial: .30 cal.; Bow (optional): .30 cal.;
Engine: 6 Cylinder

This version of the Staghound is seen in a litle-known variation, that of a short (12 foot) temporary bridging gear. We have not found much information on this version but we have some pictures of it in theatre in Italy 1944/5.
From the mid- 1930s there were several versions of bridging equipment in service, in either 12 foot or 20-foot lengths. These sections of bridge were simply positioned the correct distance apart for the vehicle that was to use it. Originally intended for tanks they were used more widely when they became obsolete in that role. A pretty simple construction, these bridges were made up of tubes and box section uprights. The "Tracked Bridge 12 foot, No3, Class 9" weighed between 450lb and 500lb. They could carry trucks, carriers and lorries up to 3ton 4 X 4.
The Kit from Bronco
just like the real thing, this kit offers the very nice Staghound kit with lots of details to add or change around - this time with the unique bridging equipment that will make this a rare kit on the club and competition table (or your cabinet)

Here is a CAD walk around of the kit
Let's look a little at Bronco's product brochure about this kit and see some of the quite interesting features this model offers.
Decals for five options of this kit come straight from the box along with photo etched parts for added thin detail in this scale.

This new Staghound  from Bronco Models will be building bridges and available from their distributors worldwide in April