Friday, March 3

Eisernes Kreuz' "Der Adler" 1940 is about to take off in 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, & 1/16 scales

Andrea Miniatures new military series "Eisernes Kreuz" has released something that will enliven the aircraft builders out there - a new multi-scale release of these two Luftwaffe men, a pilot and his assistant on the ground suiting up for a big day over the English Channel. Let's take a look and see a little of the real scenario behind the picture in our preview...

New Eisernes Kreuz figure from Andrea Miniatures

"Der Adler" Luftwaffe Pilot & Ground Crew
Metal and resin figure set 
Scenic Base Included
Box art Painted by Carlos Royo
Now available in 1/72nd, 1/48th, 1/32nd, & 1/16th scales

EK16-F005 Der Adler, 1940
Scale 1/16

EK32-F005 Der Adler, 1940
Scale 1/32

EK48-F005 Der Adler, 1940
Scale 1/48

EK72-F005 Der Adler, 1940
Scale 1/72
The Andrea Miniatures new line of the "Eisernes Kreuz" series diversifies this time for its fifth release with a Luftwaffe Pilot and his groundcrew assistant readying themselves for take off – These two ultra realistic figures are mad in a variety of scales, in 1/72nd, 1/48th, 1/32nd, & 1/16th scales and they include a small scenic base Included.
With all of these figures in the "Eisernes Kreuz" series, the figure was based on a real person/s. These figures have been designed closely following a notorious photograph from the German war magazine “Signal” depicting a “Jagdflieger” (fighter pilot) officer while being rigged by his assistant “Unteroffizier” (NCO) with the Luftwaffe’s one-man lifeboat issued for single fighter planes. A bagged “Sitzfallschirme” (seat parachute) can be noticed on the floor as the last piece of gear to be assembled onto the pilot just before jumping into his plane and take off.
Interestingly - and arguably- the pilot has been sometimes identified as the great ace Helmut Wick. Although you could paint this flyer any shade or with any features, you would like to make him closer to what you want to see in your diorama or figure display vignette.
This set will be available very soon from the Andrea Miniatures site. we like the change of genre to a Pilot figure