Thursday, March 16

MiniArt's new 35th scale Tiran 4 rolls into our sights for an Autumn release...

MiniArt continues to go through the T-54 family like a hot knife 'thru Tnuva (butter) – today we got some CAD images of their new Israeli Tiran 4 (late version) of the kit which shows a lot of what to expect in this release. Check it out in our preview...

MiniArt's New Release Autumn 2017:

From MiniArt Models
1/354th scale kit
Kit No# 37029
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MiniArt continues to press on through the history of the Soviet battle tanks. The T-54 line is extended now with an Israeli version of this tank called the “Tiran 4.” We thought we would clue you into this tank and show you the CAD images of the kit and what to expect in this release.

The Tiran 4 in service and in description
The meaning of Tiran [pronounced as Tiy-RAE-N] in Hebrew is "tyrant" Israel's chronic lack of AFV's on one hand and it's phenomenal victory in the 1967 Six Days War on the other, brought the IDF to adopt captured enemy vehicles for its use. Under this generic denomination of Tiran, several soviet tanks models of Egyptian and Syrian origin which had been captured in the war of 1967 and 1973, or even in Lebanon in the 1980s, were reused, sometimes after many modifications, in IDF service. These were numerous (perhaps 300 at some point,) and certainly not anecdotal in the total numbers of tanks the Israeli army can field.
Several hundred captured T-54/T-55 tanks that were taken and modified into the Tiran 4 (T-54) and Tiran 5 (T-55), called Ti-67 (Tank Israeli-1967) in the west. The main difference between the two versions is the main gun armament.
Tiran 4 (late) was the second version of Tiran 4 to which were added a few additional changes as antennas, hatches and headlights on the turret, extra track links were placed on the turret, but most importantly of all the up-gunning of the main armament to a 105mm M-68 gun.

This new kit in 35th scale of the Tiran 4 (late version) from MiniArt includes:
Everything You Need For An Accurate Model In One Box
Highly Detailed Model Down to the Smallest Detail of the Real Thing
Multi-Slide Moulds
Photo-etched Parts Included
Decal Sheet For 6 Variants
Full-Colour Instruction
Fighting Compartment Interior
Fully Detailed Driver's Compartment
Interior Of Turret Accurately Represented
Detailed V-54 Engine Included
Cast Steel Surfaces Are Accurately Represented
All Hatches Can Be Posed Open Or Closed
Workable Torsion Bars
Full Ammunition load-out included
Individual Track Links
Box 385x240x80 mm

CAD pictures of the kit in closer detail...

Images of the exterior of the kit in a larger scaled walk around also in CAD form
You can get this kit in an Autumn release from MiniArt's Distributors Worldwide.