Monday, March 20

Preview – Bronco Models fills the gap and add their new 35th Mk. III Humber to the mix

Bronco releases their re-tooled and upgraded kit of the much loved 1/35 "Humber" to the MK. Ⅲ version. We have already had other variants of the Humber, but now see what you think about Bronco's new kit and the possibilities the kit presents in our preview...

New from Bronco Models in May

"Humber" MK. Ⅲ
Bronco Models
# CB35112
1/35th scale
photo-etch parts included
Decals for four versions available from the box.
Bronco Models have added to their family of MK II & Mk IV Humbers with this, the Mark III version. For those of you out there as unfamiliar with the slight changes as we were, a little history might help you work out the differences.

A little bout the Humber Mark 3 Armored Car
Soon after the introduction of the Humber Mark 2 Armored Car, the British produced the improved Humber Mark 3 Armored Car. The Mark 3 still retained the same engine, modified 4-wheel drive Karrier Motors KT 4 Field Artillery Tractor chassis and hull of the Mark 2 and was fitted with the same armament as the Guy Mark 1a Light Wheeled Tank, Humber Mark 1 and 2. However, it was equipped with a new, larger turret able to accommodate an extra crew member (wireless operator). The revised turret is characterised by sloping sides from the middle; upward toward the front and downward toward the rear. On the other hand, the Mark 2's turret had straight, parallel sides.
MK III Humber stats
Machinery One Rootes 6-cylinder gasoline engine rated at 90hp
Suspension Wheel, 4x4
Armament 1x15mm Besa machine gun, 1x7.92mm Besa machine gun
Armor 15mm front, 15mm turret, 10mm sides, 10mm rear
Crew 4
Length 4.57 m
Width 2.18 m
Height 2.38 m
Weight 7.0 t
Speed 40 km/h off-road; 72 km/h on-road
Range 220 km off-road; 400 km on-road
The Humber Mark 3 is often confused with the closely-related Canadian Fox Mark 1 Armored Car, which was produced by General Motors of Canada. Although very similar, it is not identical as (among other things) different automotive components were used in its construction as well as different armament was carried.
One other variant of this vehicle was built: the Humber Mark 3 Rear Link (RL) Armored Car. The Mark 3 RL variant was used as a wireless link between Brigade and Divisional Headquarters and equipped with a non-rotating turret, dummy guns and extra (amplified) radio equipment.
The Humber Mk III kit in 35th scale from Bronco
just like the real thing, this kit has plenty of internal detail, the external features have been either moulded or added to with photo etch when the parts were too thin. this looks like a kit with lots of details to add or change around and different option to make the kit more of your own.
This is the new kit in CAD form
Let's look a little at Bronco's product brochure about this kit and see some of the quite interesting features this model offers.
Photo etch and decals options with the kit four options of this kit come straight from the box
This new kit from Bronco Models should be available from their distributors worldwide in May