Saturday, March 25

Revosys Hobbies reveal their new 35th scale Pz.kpfw.VI Ausf.C/B (VK36.01) 2 in 1 W/Interior kit

Revosys Models has launched with a great subject – It's German WWII armour so it will sell well, It's obscure – tick – it has a full interior – yes,,, - and lastly it's not yet made in injection moulded plastic in this scale – "that's a bingo!" you might say – but let's look at the sprues, colours and feature list along with some history of the original tanks in our preview...

New kit from a new company Revosys Hobbies

Pz.kpfw.VI Ausf.C/B (VK36.01)
2 in 1 W/Interior kit
by Revosys models
1/35th scale
Kit No: RS-3001
We saw two kits from Revosys Models at the All Japan Model show in Shizuoka in May of 2016. Since then not a lot has come from this company, we have been waiting to hear more, and now we have enough to do a decent preview for you.

Here the two kits from Revosys were, displayed at the Beaver Hobby Booth at Shizuoka in May 2016
First of all – let's look at the real thing – the VK36.01 in reality...

The VK 36.01(H)
This short-lived projected was born in June 1939, when Krupp was asked to develop a 105 mm (4.13 in) armed turret. The turret walls had to be 100 mm (3.94 in) thick and the gun was a standard L/20 or L/28 howitzer, all of which to be packed on a standard BW hull, with a top weight of no more than 30 tonnes. It was then designated AW (Artilleriewagen). By mid-1940, Henschel was ordered to modify the BW Fahrgestell to mount the new Krupp 105 turret. At the same time, it was revised internally to accept the new Maybach HL 174, giving a 450 hp max output. The hull front had to be 80 mm (3.15 in) thick and the total weight was uplifted to 36 tonnes, sitting on interleaved wheels.
Eventually, on the 26th May of 1942, Hitler intervened to specify that the new heavy tank should have the frontal armour of 100 mm (3.94 in) thick, and 60 mm (2.36 in) sides and ordered six prototypes from Porsche and Henschel. Following this, Wa Pruef 6 remade the specifications. The turret now needed to accept the 75 mm (2.95 in) Waffe 725 (without muzzle brake) and, on 11 June 1942, notified Krupp to drop the 105 mm (4.13 in) project and convert the turret according to the new specifications.
By August, this was renamed “Tigersprogramm”. Eventually, the sole VK 36.01 chassis was delivered in March 1942 for tests, after being equipped at the Maybach factory near Friedschafen. The original six turrets ordered from Krupp were turned, in the meantime, into turmstellungen (fixed turrets), but completion of the required modifications was never carried out.
VK3601(H) Specifications:
Weight: 40000kg
Crew: 5 men
Engine: Maybach HL 174 / 12-cylinder / 550hp
Speed: Road: 40km/h
Range: Road 150km
Lenght: 6.05m
Width: 3.14m

Armament: 75mm KwK 42 L/70 + 2 x 7.92mm MG34
88mm KwK 36 L/56 + 2 x 7.92mm MG34

Armour profile:
Front Turret: 100/10
Front Superstructure: 100/8
Front Hull: 100 & 60/23 & 60
Side Turret: 80/0
Side Superstructure: 60/0
Side Hull: 60/0
Rear Turret: 80/0
Rear Superstructure: 60/0
Rear Hull: 80/0
Turret Top / Bottom: 26/90
Superstructure Top / Bottom: 26/90
Hull Top / Bottom: 26/90
Gun Mantlet: 100/0

The new kit from Revosys.
Exclusively designed by REVOSYS, the new kit in 35th scale of the Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf B/C (VK36.01) will be launched ion March/ (more like April) 2017.
Although information about VK3601 is rare, Revosys has consulted a few modelling and historian experts in the quality control of making this kit. The features of the kit are pretty extensive – bring a full interior model we would say pretty ambitious as well.

This kit promises:
Fully detailed crew compartment
Posable hatches with interior details included
Complete engine deck - but no engines – just fans.
Completely detailed turret interior.
Workable (and fairly simple two piece) track links.
FUG8 radio set for command version
Two versions of main armament, the Konish 7.5cm or 5.5cm Pak 41
Four different alternatives for turret details, Gun barrel based on Louis Doyle's drawings.

The sprues
The tracks – these look a little easier than what we are seeing of late...
The hull
The turret, also the photo etch in the kit - not too much - also the clear parts
The kit built up in prototype form, this is the command version with FUG8 aerial, large thick cupolas which are a feature of this tank posed open along with hatches posed open.
Here it is all opened up - we notice the top rectangle of the hull can be removed - hopefully, once it is all together - this makes it even more interesting to us as an interior kit.
There are five colour plates - all "What if?" versions of this tank - made up by the folks at AMMO
This new kit should be available in May – we are not sure yet of the exact date. For more info look at Revosys's Facebook site for more or keep looking on here at TMN