Tuesday, April 18

A new large-scale 1/16th SS tanker from the Kursk front Stalingrad Miniatures.

A new 1/16 scale figure of a Panzerman is available from Stalingrad Miniatures. Hopefully, this means all of that great detail from Alexander Zelenkov's sculpts, but in a larger size? Let's see in our preview...

A new large-scale 1/16th scale figure from Stalingrad Miniatures.

WSS Panzer Crewman Kursk, 1943
Figure # 601
1/16th scale
Figure cast in light grey resin
Sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov
Price: TBA
We have news of a larger scale release from Stalingrad Miniatures. This time their excellent quality of sculpting, characterisation and casting has been up-sized from the usual 35th scale to 1/16th. The tanker is seen in traditional overalls in summer weight – ready for the fighting at Kursk in 1943.

Some of these pictures below show the soldiers and their tanks at the time of the massive battle of Kursk, heat, dust, gun smoke and the constant wear and tear of fighting and repairing their vehicles has told on all of these men. These pictures were used as some of the inspiration and reference for the making of this figure.
Here is the figure, unpainted and in grey resin. He really does look like the quality of the smaller figures that Stalingrad make, and the scope to really push the foundries of the sculpt is shown here by the sculptor Alexander Zelenkov
The M43 Panzer one piece overall is made of cotton poplin and featured a reversible oak leaf/ Plane Tree camouflage, It is made to be worn over the standard Panzer uniform, but sometimes it was also been worn under the black wool pander wraps... This soldier is seen in the summer time period, so it is just this overall over his tunic and pants.
The flat overseas cap is adorned with the death's head of the SS and the german eagle. The folds on the overalls are seen so nicely painted here with the twill pattern evident, while the shirt the man wears pokes out t the neck. The overalls bunch and gather at all of the major joints, the elbows, cuffs which are often creased when rolled up, the open floppy collar and the knees and the ankles which ae gathered above the short boots.
The belt of the soldier pinches him in half just above the waist.  it highlights the buttons on the front of the overalls and as it sits at an angle the fabric is sculpted to look like it pulls towards it.
 The rear of the figure shows again the gathering around the waist and belt of the  overalls and pinching at the waist, baggy cuffs joined by buttons and the bum and legs. You can see his Walther pistol holster on the rear of his belt.

This figure is available right now. You can find out where to purchase the figure from the list of distributors on the Stalingrad site