Thursday, April 27

AK Interactive & Abteilung 502's new items for May offer a "Damaged" masterclass

AK Interactive & Abteilung 502  has brand new magazine type that shows you how to damage your vehicles – but in a more realistic way – new apparel, a massive range of pigments – we have some pictures and info in today's preview...

AK Interactive/ Abteilung 502's news for May 2017

Damaged Magazine #01
Available in both English & Spanish
76 pages
Product No #ABT701
Price: 4.95€
"Damaged" is the new magazine from the newest member of AK’s big family, Abteilung 502. This new Publication wants to show modellers how to weather any type of subject, under any circumstance with various effects. AK’s president, Fernando Vallejo has selected all the best modellers to show their best models, creations and special curiosities. Inside this magazine, you can find various subjects like trucks, ships, tanks, spaceships, trains....etc...
Fernando Vallejo has conceived this new publication as a personal challenge to show all the modellers the infinite possibilities this great hobby has to offer. A new way of thinking shaped along with the world’s best modellers.
One of the main features of this new publication is the content. This may vary from any kind of model in any situation. The main focus is to show a new or a revamped technique or curiosities and anything that can make a model special and unique.

Damaged Magazine, high-quality T-shirt with an amazing design to outstand
over your modelling friends. Available in four sizes for men. Damaged Magazine, high-quality T-shirt with an amazing design to outstand over your modelling friends. Available in one single size for women.

Damaged T-Shirt Boys
Damaged T-Shirt Girls

New Pigment Colors from AK Interactive/ Abteilung 502

Pigment Colors
Finally, Abteilung has released one of the widest range of pigment colours, all the colours needed for your textures and tonal variations in your models. The high quality of these pigments makes them very easy to handle and with the help of the two auxiliary products ver easy to fix and for adding volume to your models. The range is:

abtp022 ashes white
abtp023 black smoke
abtp024 light rust
abtp025 standard rust
abtp026 concrete
abtp027 light dust
abtp028 Europe dust
abtp029 brick dust
abtp030 beach sand
abtp031 Vietnam earth
abtp033 dark mud
abtp034 Russian earth
abtp035 ashes grey
abtp037 gulf war sand
abtp038 African earth
abtp039 urban.industry dirt
abtp040 burned grease
abtp042 ochre rust
abtp044 burnt steel blue
abtp048 faded moss green
abtp049 fresh moss green
abtp051 light moss green
abtp052 bright iron
abtp053 old brick red
abtp054 alkaline dust
abtp056 ochre earth
abtp057 clay soil
abtp058 dark earth
abtp060 trench earth
abtp230 old rust
abtp231 gun metal
abtp232 dry mud
abtp234 rubble dust
abtp235 cargo dust
abtp238 brown rust
abtp414 track rust
abtp415 light European earth
abtp416 fresh rust
abtp417 desert sand
fantasy pigment colours
abtf600 rocket exhaust
abtf605 graveyard dirt
abtf606 plasma burn
abtf607 metallic silver
abtf611 stainless alloy
abtf612 brass
abtf613 copper
abtf616 marine blue
abtf617 sulphur yellow
auxiliary products
abtp249 pigment fixer
abtp032 acrylic resin for pigments
These new products and magazine are just about to be launched on the AK Site – However the links are not yet live – so keep checking back over the next day or so if you are after them – you will also be able to buy them from AK Interactive's distributors worldwide or directly from their website.