Thursday, April 13

Available right now - the updated "Hog" from Reid Air Publications - "The Modern Hog Guide - 2nd Edition"

The people from Reid Air Publications have surprised us with their announcement of an upgraded, second volume of their great book on the A-10 "The Modern Hog Guide", we have some info on what is new, also the news that the book is now available to pre-order. Read on Hog lovers...

Available for pre-order - Updated "Hog" from Reid air Publications...

"The Modern Hog Guide - 2nd Edition"
by: Jake Melampy
Languages: English
Pictures: Colour
Pages: 172
1,013 full-colour images.
Format: Soft cover landscape (10.9 x 8.3 x 0.5 inches)
RRP: $39.95 from their online shop
Reid Air Publications have set a good reputation for themselves as quality publishers of books that real aircraft enthusiasts cherish. The author of this book, Mr Jake Melampy, is known for his excellent plethora of photo-illustrated books on modern jets. He has sent us some info on their latest book – kind of a revisit and update to a very popular book in his series " Modern Hog Guide."
Well, it has been ten years since that first edition, and now we have an updated, expanded guide to the hog that includes everything (and more) that has changed on this iconic jet in that time with an expanded page and picture count.
It's been 10 years since the first Hog Guide came out, and now, back by popular demand, the Modern Hog Guide 2nd edition is now at the printers. Like The Modern Eagle Guide's 2nd Edition, the 2nd Edition of the Hog Guide offers more/better coverage of all A-10s, but especially the older, pre-LASTE jets.
It also covers the recent upgrades to the jet since the original edition was published a decade ago, such as the SATCOM, Scorpion HMIT, and the AAR-47 system.
The 2nd Edition has 172 pages (compared to only 120 pages for the original release), and 1,013 full-colour images. Nearly all of those images are new for this edition, with only a handful of repeats that are found in the original.
It's now at the printers abut you can pre-order the book right now at this link!
You can get your copy of this book at Reid Air Publications or just check it out on their Facebook page for more info as well.