Monday, April 24

New Clothes and Cargo for Miniart's Lil' workhorse

MiniArt has put their moulds to their best use, with the  L1500S German truck that we have already made here on TMN with civilian colours and some extra cargo - so it's "roll ou the barrel" with the Civilian version of the Mercedes light truck in their latest kit...

New Clothes and Cargo for Miniart's lil' workhorse

From Miniart Models
1/35th scale
Kit No# 38014
BOX: 345x240x60 mm
Box contains a model of a german L1500s truck goods inside the tray.
 Complete package with everything you need for an accurate model in one box including models of both the German L1500S truck with all sorts of cargo.

The L1500S in real life:
The Mercedes-Benz L 1500 is a light truck from Mercedes-Benz, built by Daimler-Benz AG from around 1941 to 1944 with around trucks built. This model existed in two versions: the rear-wheel driven model L1500S and the all-wheel model L1500A. 
The L1500S is a two-axle truck. It is built on a ladder frame. The engine is the R6 Ottomotor Mercedes-Benz M 159 with a carburettor, which delivers 60 hp (44 kW) of 2.6 l displacement. The power is transmitted via a manual transmission. Wheels have a tire size 190-20 and the truck had all-round drum brakes. 
This model from MiniArt features a mixture of the L1500S kit with:
•       Decal options for eight vehicles in Civilian colours
•       Full colour instructions
•       State of the art engineering utilising slide mould technology.
•       Fully detailed interior
•       Complete set of interior equipment is included
•       Highly detailed engine compartment
•       Engine is accurately reproduced
Photo Etch parts are included in this kit for the smaller and thinner parts of the truck
•       All doors can be assembled open or closed
•       Injection moulded multi-layered tyres
•       Highly detailed chassis

The sprues in the kit - several of these are in multiples:
 The clear parts for the glass, mirrors and lights are included
The kit includes the parts for the barrels we have seen with the original L1500S release
The parts of the other MiniArt kits included in this release - again in several multiples - the wooden crates, milk bottles and liquor and wine bottles are a very good addition and you can see these all on the truck's rear cargo bay.
SO there it is - lots of new markings for a civilian truck combined with that nice little Mercedes we have already made - this is a great release. IT should be available within the next month at your LHS

You can now find MiniArt on Facebook as well as their site.