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In-Boxed: Eduard 1/48th scale Harrier Gr7/9 "Limited Edition" Kit

Andrew Perren has opened up his account here on TMN with a really nice build of the Harrier Gr7/9 in a Limited Edition kit that features Hasegawa plastic tricked out with Eduard goodies that promise to bring great detail to the base model. There are four parts to this build, and today we will see just what is in the box. Click on to see what's inside...

In-Boxed: Eduard Harrier Gr7/9 Limited Edition Kit
review by Andrew Perren
1/48th Scale
Limited Edition Kit #1166
Price: USD$84,96
The Harrier GR7/9– Part 1/4: In-boxed.
In my mind, there are few aircraft that typify the British approach to design better than the Harrier. The functional form and somewhat awkward beauty of the Harrier gives few hints to the ground-breaking design features that have seen the type and its variants flying for over 50 years.
Developed initially by British companies Hawker-Siddeley and later British Aerospace, Harriers have served with the Royal Air Force and with the US Marines amongst others. It was the latter in partnership with US aerospace giant McDonnell Douglas that set about the re-design and upgrade programs that culminated in the AV-8B Harrier II version.

Essentially an all new design with improvements on every level the British design lineage was still plainly evident. The British Royal Air Force also embraced the new design, and when produced to British specs the designation GR.5 was given. Successive modification and upgrade programs to British Harriers resulted in the GR.7 and the penultimate GR.9 versions that form the subject of this kit. British Harriers were retired from service in 2010 and many were sold to the U.S.A to be used for parts.
The Kit – Eduard “full meal deal” Harrier Gr.7/9
Eduard is renowned for their quality range of aftermarket parts and accessories produced for the kits that we want to build. It seems a natural progression that they would eventually offer selected parts as upgrades in one box with the kit they are designed for. Eduard has partnered with some of the hobby’s leading kit producers to deliver the base plastic kit as well as a carefully chosen bundle of upgrades within the one box. Sure, they aren’t the cheapest way to get the kit but if you’re like me and a self-confessed aftermarket junkie then these kits are good value for money.

This kit offers up the Hasegawa 1/48 Harrier GR.7 sprues with 65% LERX and sprue J from the US AV-8B Harrier II kit which gives you the 100% LERX parts. To have both in one boxing is a first to my knowledge. Some Harrier GR.7s were retrofitted with the 100% LERX as part of the GR.9 upgrades so this is a very handy option indeed – but as usual check your references.
The Hasegawa generosity doesn’t usually extend to much stuff for under the wings and this is no exception. You get a pair of drop tanks and two late model AIM-9 Sidewinders but that’s about it. At least you get the pylons should you wish to source some “bangoes” for under the wings. The Hasegawa Harriers have been around for some time so I won’t be spending too much time describing the basic kit contents. We have some sprue shots to show the general layout of the parts.
The clear sprue provides transparencies for one bird
Along with poly caps if you want your wheels to turn...
The instructions are a basic affair with typical Eduard style multilingual pictograms which instruct you what to do and where to add the various enhancements along the way. There are some paint colour callouts included but they are by no means complete. There is a full-page colour profile page for each of the 6 decal options in the kit and a comprehensive stencil placement guide.
A word of warning with the instructions, I found a few areas a bit misleading and not quite correct. Step Y, for example, would have you apply the decal for the canopy detonation cord the wrong way around. Check your references because the “skinny tongue end” goes towards the rear – opposite to the instructions...
The grab bag of Eduard goodies is what makes this kit special, you get two small frets of photo-etched metal, one is the brass sheet.
 and the other is mainly for the cockpit and prepainted
...and a set of pre-cut painting masks for the wheels and canopy. These are the usual kabuki tape material.
There is a very nice resin Martin Baker Mk12 ejector seat complete with separate seat cushions and etch harness straps...
...and a nice set of resin wheels including outrigger wheels and yokes.
There is a medium sized Cartograf printed decal sheet with 6 options and full stencils for one aircraft. The printing is clear and in register and the decals have a glossy finish and look reasonably thick.
There is an extensive set of choices of very nice looking Harriers almost in spite of most of these aircraft coming in "grey"

Harrier GR.7/9 - Harrier GR7, ZG 501, SAOEU, základna Boscombe Down, 1996
Harrier GR.7/9 - Harrier GR. 7, ZG 479/69A, IV (AC) Squadron, operation Telic, základna Ahmed al Jaber, Kuvajt, jaro 2003
Harrier GR.7/9 - Harrier GR.9A, ZG 478/68, No. 41 (R) Squadron, základna RAF Coningsby, březen 2006
 Harrier GR.7/9 - Harrier GR.7, ZD 464/54, 20 (R) Squadron, základna RAF Wittering, 2002
Harrier GR.7/9 - Harrier GR.9, ZD 406, Royal Navy Naval Strike Wing, základna RAF Cottesmore, 2009
Harrier GR.7/9 - Harrier GR.7, ZD 379/27, 1(F) Squadron, Barduffoss, Norsko, leden 2004
They are shown in several views to show the camo and colour patterns, decal and stencil placement...
Upsize me – additional items from Eduard Brassin Harrier GR.7/9 detail set 648284
Eduard was not content with just the nice package above but also released a more complete upgrade set in their Brassin line.
This set duplicates all the resin items included in the kit above, but adds a full set of one piece resin jet exhausts,
a resin TERMA countermeasures pod,
and the latest SNIPER XR targeting pod also in resin.
The casting of all these parts is exquisite and there are also some small etch parts and decals to go with these items. I’ll be using these extras as well on my build as I intend on building a late service Afghanistan war on terror aircraft.

My wallet is not speaking to me at the moment – Well played Eduard, well played!

I am building this kit and you can look forward to three more past of this build to come in the next few weeks, so standby for part 2.

Andrew Perren

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Thanks to Eduard for sending this kit to Andrew to Build and review – Check the kit out on the Eduard Model Accessories Website & stay tuned for the other parts of this story yet to come on TMN