Friday, May 19

June from Trumpeter - A massive Abrams - small Foxhound, Medium BAR, a dutch missile launcher & T72 in 35th...

Trumpeter's June release feature aircraft and armour in a few different scale, the armour guys especially will be loving the 16th scale M1a1 AIM Abrams, the 35th sale T72 , MLRS & BAR German paper tank while the jet guys get another twin-engined Mig in 72nd scale ( the only scale according to some) -  Sprue shots, markings & boxart in today’s preview
Trumpeter’s May 2017 releases…

US M1A1 "AIM" main battle tank
Model# 00926
Model scale: 1/16th
As an upgraded model for the M1 Abrams, M1A1 brought enhanced digital capabilities. M1A1 has a first class of firepower and enhanced armour protection. Since 1988 after the production of M1A1 have increased the depleted uranium armour. In 1986 this was the first batch of M1A1 to enter the US military service.
The AIM (Abrams Integrated Management) A program whereby older units are reconditioned to zero hour conditions and the tank is improved by adding Forward-Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) and Far Target Locate sensors, a tank-infantry phone, communications gear, including FBCB2 and Blue Force Tracking to aid in crew situational awareness, and a thermal sight for the .50 calibre machine gun
Model Length: 620mm Width: 232mm 
Total number of parts 1300+
Metal Screws included
22 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and turret
multi-slide moulded lower hull and upper hull 
individual tracks links 
Photo-etched parts included

Russian T-72B3M main battle tank
Model# 09510
Model scale: 1/35th
T-72 is the 1970s Soviet production of the second new main battle tanks. It is based on 172 engineering development and the introduction of the T-64A part of the function. T-72 is the most widely produced after World War II main battle tanks, changes only after the T-54/55 series, and later evolved into the T-90 main battle tanks.
Length: 289mm Width: 108mm 
Metal parts: Copper cable, brass wire
28 sprues, lower hull and turret
The kit consists of over 1370 parts 
multi-slide moulded lower hull, turret 
individual track links 
photo-etched parts included

German "Bar" 305mm self-propelled gun
Model# 09535
Model scale: 1/35th
The "Bar" (German for "bear") was a tank-toting a massive 30.5cm Morser gun that was proposed in early 1942 but never made it off the drawing board.  This kit includes photo-etch parts, workable track links, and a suspension designed for dioramas; moulded in multiple colours. 
Length: 244.8mm Width: 105.4mm  
Copper cable for towing cable
7 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tracks
The kit consists of over 310 parts 
multi-slide moulded lower hull 
rubber, 1 piece tracks 
photo-etched parts included

M270/ A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System - Finland/Netherlands
Model# 01047
Model scale: 1/35th
M270 MLRS (M270 Multi-Rocket Launch System, referred to as M270 MLRS) is an armoured self-propelled rocket weapon system. Since 1983, the US military for the first time after the use of M270 rocket launchers, NATO member states have begun to take some M270, and gradually become NATO standard weapons. In the United States and European countries produced a total of about 1300 units, about 700,000 rockets M270.2003 years, the last batch of Egyptian army M270 delivery, M270 officially stopped. The Finnish Army purchased 22 cars from the Netherlands.
Length: 200.5mm Width: 89.5mm 
Total number of parts 960+
Copper cube included
Detailed multi-directional slide-planting cab. 
Multi-slide mould next hull 
Photo-etched parts included
184 individual tracks links 

Russian MiG-31 Foxhound
Model# 01679
1:72nd scale
The Mig-31 'Foxhound' was developed as the replacement to the Mig-25 'Foxbat.'The prototype (Ye-155MP) took the first flight on 16 September 1975. As the heaviest fighter/interceptor in the world, heavier the Mig-31 is heavier than other similar aircraft.At the same time, tow powerful D-30-F6 engines and a stronger airframe gave it a top speed to Mach 2.8 at high altitude and Mach 1.23 at low altitude.
The Mig-31 entered operational service with the Soviet Air Defence Force in 1982, they were sent for a variety of high-altitude & long-range missions. More than 300 aircraft are still in service in both Russian and Kazakhstan.
Length: 314.6mm   Wingspan: 186.9mm 
Total Parts 340+
19 sprues and lower fuselage
The kit consists of  over 340 parts, including 10 clear parts
fuselage & wing with finely engraved panel lines 
detailed gear cabin and cockpit
These and all other kits from Trumpeter will be available in May through their Distributors Worldwide