Monday, May 8

Meng drops a bomb (and some missiles) on your 48th scale modern fighter aircraft kit...

If you are going to get into the most modern of fighter and bombers in the air force, then why not start to make great weapons to go along with them? Meng continues its attempt at airborne dominance with new bombs, missiles and other ordinance in 48th scale

Three new modern US Airforce Ordinance sets in 48th scale
From Meng Models
1/48th scale
Three sets from the "Appliances" series
No one can deny the strength of the U.S. air power. Since World War II, the U.S. air forces have used their equipment with excellent tactics to gain outstanding results. The air forces are like a powerful knight who protects the interests of the United States in the world. And the various airborne weapons are just like the swords in the knight’s arsenal. The U.S. military took the lead in completing the organisation of digital forces in the world, and the highly advanced air forces are equipped with a number of advanced airborne weapons for the latest combat environment.

MENG will release a series of 1/48 scale airborne weapons products for your aircraft models. The first three kits are SPS-043 U.S. Short-range Air-to-air Missiles, SPS-044 U.S. Long/Medium-range Air-to-air Missiles and SPS-045 U.S. Satellite-guided Bombs. These three kits include various airborne weapons ever used or are being used in the U.S. military. Now let’s take a closer look at them.

In the SPS-043 U.S. Short-range Air-to-air Missiles, Meng provides the AIM-4 Falcon missiles which can replace the ones with strange shape and rough details you have now. The AIM-9 missiles in the kit have better detail precision than other available plastic products.

Every die-hard fan of the F-14 Tomcat knows that there are two AIM-54 Phoenix missile variants. In the SPS-044 U.S. Long/Medium-range Air-to-air Missiles, Meng provides the AIM-54A and AIM-54C which have different details. What’s more, your Vietnam War F-4 Phantom II won’t have to use the same Sparrow as on the F-15 Eagle in the Gulf War. The different AIM-7E and AIM-7M are included in the kit.
The Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) is a new satellite-guide bomb. The F-22 and F-35 take as many as eight such bombs in the weapons bay. The kit includes the GBU-39 and GBU-53 for your choice. The GBU-54 Laser JDAM is a new weapon first used in 2010. It can attack moving ground targets. It has both the advantages of satellite-guided and laser-guide bombs.
The weapons in the three kits cover a time span of several decades. They can meet modelers’ need of various American airborne weapons.

These new sets shoul dbe available to strap under your modern jets and bombers very soon, Check out Meng's Suppliers for more on these as they "drop"