Sunday, May 28

Preview: AK Interactive's new Aces High Issue 10 - "Eastern Front" is here

We look forward to each edition of the "Aces High" magazine, it features some of the best aircraft modelling currently on display in the hobby with a bunch of great builders showing off their builds. This new issue has us interested, as it features both sides of the conflict in the massive air war over the Eastern Front in WWII. We have some pictures of what to expect in this issue.

New Aces High just released.

Aces High Issue 10
"Eastern Front"
Available in English or Spanish Languages
Eastern front as the Germans called it or the great motherland war as the Russians knew it, the front of the East was the biggest and main front of the second world war in Europe where giants such as Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia faced each other.
ACES HIGH dedicates its 10th issue to this Front with the most mythical and unique planes of both sides with an interesting variety of decorations and scales.
This issue features the 48th scale Henschel Hs 129 B2 in an interesting Romanian scheme, mottled with winter white wash all over.

A Hungarian Junkers Ju88 is replicated, again in a worn winter white wash over splinter colour, though this time in a tiny 1/72nd scale that looks much larger than the pictures show here...
A larger (1/32nd) scale Bf 109F-2 is next, in summer colours, it is built up in a lovely fashion by Ralph Riese...
On the Soviet side of the conflict, we find the alternate – a 32nd scale Mig-3 showing the convergence between wooden and metal frame mixed with dark and striking colours.

The popular Tupolev Tu-2 is next - the Xuntong models kit in 48th scale by Jaime Pastor. This one looks like a detailed kit with lots of additional elements added.
Lastly the recent kit from Special Hobby of the Yakovlev Yak-3 in 32nd scale. Learnt a lot more about this kit from seeing it built up in such a nice fashion by Thomas de la Fuente.
This magazine is now on sale, you can get it from the AK Interactive website...