Friday, June 2

A few "Pearls" in June's new items from Revell of Germany

We have a bunch fo new kits from Revell of Germany that might interest you all - personally we like Starsky & Hutch's 76 Torino - but you will no doubt pick at least one of these you would like for your stash. See boxart, sprues & built kits in our preview...

June's new items from Revell of Germany

BLACK PEARL Limited Edition
Product number: 05699
Scale: 1:72
height 470 mm
length 500 mm
number of parts 895
Level 5
A model construction kit of the legendary Black Pearl the ship commanded by Captain Jack Sparrow in the film series PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. In the fifth part SALAZAR'S REVENGE, Jack faces the fearsome Captain Salazar, who wants to kill every pirate on the open seas.
- Rigging yarn for static and moving rigging
- Structured sails
- Wooden structured deck's
- Structured hull halves
- Two anchors
- Rowing boat
- Artillery guns
- Multi-section masts with yards
- Shrouds
- Figurehead
- Decorated stern
- Flag chart
- Display stand

'58 Corvette Roadster
Product number: 07037
Scale: 1:25th
length 178 mm
number of parts 137
Level 4
A model construction kit of this world-famous first generation US sports car. The foundation stone for the continuing success of the Corvettes was laid with the C1 during the years 1957 and 1958. 
- Small-Block-V8-Motor
- Many chrome parts
- Decal set with a variety of registration plates (D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH, S)

LKW 5t. mil gl (4x4 Truck)
Product number: 03257
Scale: 1:35th
length 221 mm
number of parts 159
Level 4
A model construction kit of the Bundeswehr's high-performance truck, one of the best trucks in its class worldwide.
- Reproduction of drive trains and axles
- Separate rubber wheels
- Cab with interior fittings
- Detailed flat-bed and tarpaulin
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- 1./PzBtl 84, Lüneburg, 1985
- PzGrenBtl 212, Augustdorf, 1995
- KFOR, Kosovo, 2006
- GEKON UNOSOM, Somalia, 1994

MiG-25 RBT
Product number: 03931
length 467mm
wingspan 281mm
number of parts 166
Scale: 1:48th
Level 5
The MiG-25 Foxbat is one of the most powerful aircraft of the former Soviet Union. Weighing 36 tonnes with a top speed of 3,000 km/h (1865 mph) the aircraft was a serious opponent. It still holds today the absolute world altitude record for jet aircraft with 37.650 m (123,523ft). The RBT is a reconnaissance version.

- Detailed cockpit including instrument panel
- Pronounced air-intake ducts
- Detailed jet exhaust nozzle's
- Detailed undercarriage
- Cockpit canopy may be mounted open or closed
- Separate ailerons and flaps
- RBT- nose section with camera window
- Auxiliary fuel tank
- Decal set for 2 versions

'76 Ford Torino
scale 1:25th
length 221 mm
number of parts 88
A model construction kit of this liberally dimensioned upper-middle-class vehicle. The Torino became well known worldwide through a US American crime series that was transmitted from 1975 onwards.
- Multi-part 5.8-litre engine
- A diversity of chromium plate parts such as wheel rims and bumpers
- Authentic decal set

German Staff Car Type 82 KUEBELWAGEN
product no# 03253
scale 1:35th
length 106mm
number of figures 2
number of parts 77
Product Link
A model construction kit of the well known Kübelwagen truck, the Wehrmacht's plain off-road vehicle.
- Multi-part bodywork
- Authentic representation of the interior
- Transparent parts
- Open or closed hood
- Two soldier figures
- Tent
- Radio
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Personal Vehicle of Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Marseille, Jagdgeschwader 27, Gazala, Lybia, Africa, Summer 1942
- 3./Kradschützen Btl., Eastern front, Russia, Summer 1942

Sd.Kfz. 167 StuG IV
1/35th scale
product no# 03255
length 191 mm
number of parts 293
A model construction kit of a German Army Second World War assault gun. The assault gun was equipped with a 7.5 cm StuK 40 L / 48 assault cannon.
- Easy to assemble
- Elevating cannon
- Removable side skirts
- One figure included
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- 17. Pz. Gren. Div., Götz von Berlichingen , Normandy (France), Summer 1944
- Unknown Unit, Eastern Front, Summer 1944

these kits should be available this month from your local Revell Distributor...