Saturday, June 24

A new figure of an MG 42 SS Schütze, in 1944 by Eisernes Kreuz & Andrea Miniatures in 1/16 - 1/35 - 1/48 - 1/72nd scales

The latest figure release from Andrea Miniatures is from the cold and deep expanse of the Russian front in 1944. This MG 42 gunner is available in the popular military scales of 35th & 16th, 48th & 72nd -  Let's have a look to find out a little more about him...

A new figure in 1/16 - 1/35 - 1/48 - 1/72nd scales from Eisernes Kreuz & Andrea Miniatures...

Andrea Miniatures have made a return to the 35th scale figure making market. They have also included the 1/16th figure into their new series called “Eisernes Kreuz” or Iron Cross.
“Eisernes Kreuz” is a new line of WWII-era character figures from Andrea Miniatures that has been developed to replicate realistic reproductions of actual soldiers from WWII.
This series of figures relies heavily on a thorough study of period footage, photographs and documents. The use of original uniforms and equipment are part of the reference and sculpting process involving advanced modelling techniques including 3D and casting technology. This to us says maybe digital capture and sculpting.

MG 42 SS Schütze, 1944
Scale 1/16th
Scale 1/35th
Scale 1/48th
Scale 1/72nd
Cast resin and metal kit
Scenic Base Included
Ultra-realistic figure.
Eisernes Kreuz Series
Made in E.U.
Box art is painted by Carlos Royo

This new figure in the Eisernes Kreuz series comes in four different scales and represents a Waffen SS MG 42 gunner wearing a winter weight reversible winter suit. Small buttons were sewn to the sleeve of the white side to fix coloured armbands for recognition of friendly troops when both sides were using white suits.

This picture here very much reminds me of this sculpt
His MG 42 sling over his shoulder - the SS soldier is seen also sporting a bunch of rounds in belts around his shoulders, the MG cleaning tool on his belt hip. This soldier wears the soft, peaked M43 cap on his head under his parka, while the sculpt adds a grenade in the figure's belt to add to the meanness of the man.
On his body, the figure sports a reversible winter parka that was issued after the disaster of the first Russian Winter campaign. The white side was used as snow camouflage. The reverse side could be field grey or in different camouflage patterns:
Eichenlaubmuster (oak leaf), spring or autumn.
Splittertarnmuster (splinter).
Sumpfmuster (swamp).
Erbsenmuster (pea dot).
As a note in 1/16th and 1/35th scales, there are added parts to give you twoNote that 2 choices of arms and bipods are included.

This figure is available in both scales right now from Andrea Miniatures web-shop and their distributors worldwide.