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Italeri are keeping it diverse in July 2017...

Italeri always seems to bring something different – even though a lot may seem the same in each month's models – they really do try and make kits for everyone. Check out all of their new July kits in our preview, with boxart, colours and sprues for each of these...

New from Italeri in July 2017

Super decals sheet for 2 versions - adhesive stencil - new tyres - chromed wheel rims
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 24,7 cm
The Scania Series R heavy tractor is available with the V8 engine and has been developed according to the current world market requirements. The V8 SCANIA engines are designed to carry out the most demanding tasks and are appreciated for their sturdiness, reactivity, and efficiency. The Scania R Series Streamline version, produced in 2013, is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in in terms of fuel-saving and reliability. 
The exterior design gives the vehicle a huge view of the road and is considered the number one for "SHOW TRUCKS", the famous decorated tractors. The extraordinary exterior style is matched with exclusive new interiors which provide exceptional comfort for the driver and a wide range of colour and material options. 
Italeri's model reproduce in 1:24 scale the tractor created by the well-known Swedish company SVEMPAS AB, for the technical assistance of the tractor in the racing version called SCANIA “CHIMERA”

90mm Gun Motor Carriage M36B1
1/35th scale
Model Dim.: 21,3 cm
The American tank destroyer M36 was developed during the World War II to equip the Allies with an effective response to German armoured fighting vehicles, as Panther and Tiger, which were provided with strong armour and a great firepower. M36 offensive ability was based on its 90 mm M3 gun, better than the 76mm chosen for the preceding M10, which had the same hull. M36B1 was a fallback choice due to the lack of hulls: that’s why it was chosen to place the M36 turret on Sherman M4A3 hull. 

Decals for 3 versions in Allied WWII service
Similarly to all the American tank destroyers, the turret was open-topped, in order to give a greater field of vision during the battle. M36B1 effectiveness is proven by its longevity. After World War II it has been used by many armies. It took part also in Iran-Iraq War during the 80s and in Balkan Wars during the 90s. Some of them were captured by Iraqi Army during the war in Iraq in 2003.

1/48th scale
Model Dim.: 29,2 cm
Super decals sheet for 5 versions - coloured instruction sheet
The Hawker Hunter was developed between the late '40s and the early' 50s to equip the Royal Air Force with a modern jet-powered single-seat fighter interceptor. It was, substantially, the British reply to the famous American F-86 Sabre and Russian Mig-15. It was designed and developed on the Rolls-Royce Avon turbojet engine and it was characterised by the adoption of the swept wing layout, typical of the aeronautical production of those years. The Hunter entered service in 1954 and, during its long operative career, it has been constantly improved. 

Decals for 5 versions in RAF, Canadian, Belgian and Swiss versions including their display team markings

The most famous versions have been the Mk.6, a fighter with improved capabilities, and the Mk.9, able to perform ground attack duties. Thanks to his manoeuvrability, the Hawker Hunter has been used by several famous display teams like the British “Black Arrows” or the Canadian “Blue Diamonds”, the Belgian “Diables Rouges” and the Swiss “Patrouille Suisse”.

IS-2 MOD. 1944
1/56 scale
100% NEW MOULDs -
WWIl Russian military vehicle - (28 mm.) Easy assembly for gamers and collectors
In February of 1943, to replace the outdated KV series, the first prototypes of the new heavy tanks has been designed with the specific purpose to equip the Red Army tank regiments and counterbalance the new and effective German Tiger and Panther. The most famous was the Joseph Stalin JS-2. It adopted, as main armament, the powerful D25-T mm gun, installed in the central turret and it has been characterised by the casted hull, the heavy armour and the use of the 12 cylinders Diesel 600 HP engine. 

Decals for 5 versions
The total weight of the JS-2 was 46 tonnes. It was used in the battles that brought to the liberation of Ukraine, in the operations to conquer Hungary and in the final stage of the World War II in Europe: the Battle of Berlin.

U.S.S. CARL VINSON CVN-70 (1999)
1/720th scale
Model Dim.: 44,7 cm
Upgraded Moulds
The U.S.S. Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is the third Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered, supercarrier of the United States Navy. The Carl Vinson was delivered to the U.S. Navy on 1982 and during its intense career has been continuously upgraded and improved in order to increase its operational capability. With a displacement higher than 100,000 tonnes and a crew of 6,000 men the ship is able to have on board more than 90 aircraft and helicopters. Furthermore, the nuclear power propulsion guarantees a range of unlimited distance.
The Carl Vinson participated in a significative number of operative missions in several war theatres. More recently, on 2010, it provided its contribution to support the Haiti population hit by the earthquake. Today she is still playing its role as the protagonist of the U.S. Navy activities in the Pacific Ocean (2017 North Korean crisis). The U.S.S. Carl Vinson also participated to a lot of movies and documentaries dedicated to the United States Navy.

Harrier GR.3 - Falklands War
Super Decals Sheet For 6 Versions
1/72nd scale
The Harrier is probably the most famous aircraft with vertical/short takeoff and landing capabilities of military History. Designed and developed by the British manufacturer Hawker Siddeley in the sixties, it actively participated in the military operations during the Falklands / Malvinas War in 1982. More in detail the Harrier Gr. 3, characterised by the adoption of new features as the nose-mounted laser tracker and the integrated electronic countermeasure systems, it was very effective in close support and ground attack missions performed by British Royal Air Force. 
Armed with two 30 mm guns installed under the fuselage, it was able to carry a significant load of offensive weapons composed by rockets, conventional bombs and laser-guided bombs. Thanks to the possibility to adopt two drop tanks under the wings, the operative range could be increased.
Decals for 6 versions in RAF service at the time of the Falklands Conflict

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