Wednesday, June 21

Masterbox is getting romantic - but still fighting hard- with two couples and some GI's in their July/ August releases.

Masterbox has three new kits in familiar genres and sales for July/ August release – a new take on their 24th scale series, some more modern warriors and a new family begins in 35th scale – take a look at what is coming in our preview...

MasterBox's new kits of July/ August 2017

"Bob and Sally - The Happy Couple"
Kit No#24029
1/24 scale
This kit is the part of the series of the new 1/24th scale of Figures from Master Box Models. Sculpted in the style that harks back to the very popular Pin-up style. The choice of 1/24th scale for this series of the kits is a boon to car and automotive modellers, there is a real lack of human figures that are not of a generic nature in this scale - so each of the women in this series looks to liven up this scale for modellers.
The kit consists of one sprue with the parts that allow creation two figures – figure of a girl and a boy (or young lady and man). The task of these figures is, first of all, to draw attention too the model of the car, and also to give some perspective of scale between the human figures and the object you are modelling them next too.
Although these figures look like a simple build, they are sculpted to a high level of realism. It looks like they could bring a lot to either a modern day scenario or an older diorama from the attire and the hair styles of the figures.

"Indian Wars Series. On the Great Plains"
1/35th scale
kit includes two figures and one horse with a litter
This kit continues the series of the figures in 1/35th scale that is dedicated to the period of the history of the USA of the XIXth century and relates to the time of so-called “Indian Wars”. The kit includes parts for the assembly of the figures showing this new Indian family wandering through wide open spaces of prairies. The kit consists of the figure of the warrior, head of the family, who is leading a horse on that his wife is sitting holding a child in arms, besides, the horse is pulling so-called Travois that is a type of sledge formerly used by North American Indians to carry goods, consisting of two joined poles pulled by a horse.
Despite calm and even static character of the story offered in the kit the poses of the figures are very alive, filled with internal motions, and the figures interact with each other almost tenderly, so creating an emotionally filled story.
During creation of the kit tMasterbox wanted to add to the dioramas that correspond to ethnographic peculiarities characteristic of inhabitants of the Great Plains of that period. At the same time, they tried to create an external look of the figures that would be rather universal so the modeler would be able to give peculiarities that are characteristic of concrete tribe of Indians of Plains – Comanche, Navajo etc. to the figures by painting on own.

"Under Fire. Modern US Infantry"
1/35th scale
kit includes four figures
This is a kit that continues in the series of U.S. Infantry Soldiers in a Modern Warfare setting. The kit consists of four figures that combine together to form a single story showing a combat scene that could happen in any corner of Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere the troops are fighting wars and conflicts in this present time. The U.S. Army patrol went into action against enemy insurgents and they were set upon by enemy fire and cornered. 
One fighter is wounded and a medic administers aid, while a machine gunner covers the enemy with suppressing fire from his SAW MG. Another fighter reloads his M4A1 and is ready to help his buddies. The whole scene looks very live and dramatic in the figures poses, the figures are animated and interact here with each other in a realistic manner in their body language. 

This kit can both enliven your diorama with the use of these figures to convey the emotion of a scene. Masterbox also wanted to emphasise that the figures in the given kit can be used not only in the look offered by the manufacturer but also separately, in any combination, with the other figures they make. In the end it al comes down to the modeller’s choice.
These three kits and everything else from Masterbox's releases will be with us in July-August of 2017. Check out the Masterbox Website for more info on their models.