Thursday, June 29

Time to let Daco Products how much would you pay for a new 32nd Fouga Magister...

DACO is slowly working away on a new 1/32nd scale kit- they are proposing a large scale Fouga Magister – want to say how much you want to pay for it? Check out this preview...

New kit in progress from Daco

Fouga Magister
From Daco Productions
Prod No# KDCC3201
1/32nd scale
four versions offered from the box
Expected parts 450+
Price TBA
Recently we have had a pretty popular release of the Fouga Magister in 48th scale from AMK, as well as another kit that we haven't seen that much of from Kinetic. Danny Daco has seen this, and decided to try and produce his own Magister – but this time in a more detailed version in this larger scale of 1/32nd.
Fouga Magister project
Already for quite some time, the Fouga Magister was planned to be done as a model by DACO, originally in 1/48th scale but as Kinetic and AMK released theirs, Daco has decided to enlarge all of their designs into 1/32nd. Basically, this meant that the original plans we upscaled and added to with more detail...
This kit will contain more than 450 parts, with separate engines, detailed guns and another armament, specific parts for the various versions, but most importantly Daco wants the kit to be an accurate reproduction of the aircraft.
Sprue layouts are now finished and the tooling will be started soon. Here are the basic layouts so far.

The Fouga will be released as one box with four cockpit versions:
* French Armee de l'Air
* Belgian Air Force (early version)
* Belgian Air Force (late version)
* German Luftwaffe

All with their correct cockpit instruments and radio compartment. Decals are still to be done, but a nice selection of various Air Forces will be given.
Meanwhile, Daco is still running the market research/questionnaire regarding the kit's price. If you go to their page you can select what you think the kit is worth and let them know of your interest in the kit.

Some more pictures of the kit's details
Just select one of the price ranges, the quantity you might want to obtain and send all info to
them by completing the shopping cart. The polls are live so it will be interesting ot see if this kit gets off the ground – we hope so.

Check out their live experiment at their webpage